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Sega Announces Samurai & Dragons For PS Vita

If you remember Actraiser way back from SNES, then you’re a true gamer, and apart from just receiving the complement, you’ll be happy to know that Sega is implementing the same concept for a game in the works for the PlayStation Vita.

Announced by the Japanese magazine Famitsu, this game is called Samurai & Dragons, and is split into two parts; action and strategy. The former will require up to four players to fight their way through a dungeon, defeating dragons, mummies, and ogres – you name it, alongside getting loads of loot, while the latter part will involve players taking building up a customizable city and training a monster army.

The strategy part will require players to make alliances with other players, or attempt to conquer their cities with their threatening army. The game’s producer is Masayoshi Kikuchi, who also served as the producer of the Yakuza series and many others.

We still don’t have any fixed date for the release, but one thing is sure; it won’t be coming out before Sony’s PS Vita, which is due at the end of January/start of February for the west.