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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gets Perfect Review In Japanese Magazine

The holiday season sales (games) are coming to a close, but a good half way across the world, Japan is still waiting for ten days to pass so they can get their grasp on the PS Vita. But interestingly, the Vita isn’t the central subject of concentration in the famous Japanese magazine Famitsu.

In fact, what’s gotten more attention is Final Fantasy XIII-2, which has made a mark in the review section of the magazine. FFXIII-2 has gotten a full 40/40 score, with almost entirely positive comments from the reviewer.

The setting and presentation are fantastic,” wrote assistant editor Norihiro Fujiwara, “and the issues people brought up with the first game – its linearity, its lack of meaty gameplay – are a thing of the past. You’re sucked into the game right from the beginning, and the story’s very easy to get into.

The battles are very strategic in nature,” Fujiwara wrote, “although you can adjust their difficulty to suit your abilities. I think some people may not be fans of how the party is locked into Noel, Serah, and your monsters.

I have to take my hat off to the staff for being so open and thorough with responding to the feedback they got from FFXIII,” added reviewer Ranbu Yoshida.

It feels like a very different game from its predecessor; the story changes depending on where you choose to go in your time-traveling journey, and it’s easy to lose yourself in changing and redoing areas you’ve previously finished.

If their word can be trusted, then it seems that Square Enix has done a pretty fantastic work in improving over a title that was widely regarded as a disappointment.

However, do keep in mind that the original FFXIII got a score of 39/40 from the same magazine, though it wasn’t as popular among regular Final Fantasy series followers.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 comes to the west in end of January in North America and start of February for Australia and Europe.