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Game of Thrones RPG – Story and Gameplay Details

Game of Thrones is taking the form of an RPG game – that’s news that was fresh roughly two months ago. But what’s news that is fresh now is that we’ve discovered the outline of the story, along with a few new screenshots. Promising or not – that’s a decision I’ll leave up to you.

The plot centers on Night’s Watch brother Mors and the formerly exiled Red Priest Alester. Despite being original characters, they’ll frequently come across more familiar characters, such as Queen Cersei, Varys, Night’s Watch Lord Commander Mormont, and various others, who are made to look familiar to their real-life counterparts, or counter-humans – call it whatever you like.

The game’s main quest will see you visit various familiar areas like King’s Landing, The Wall, and other regions in Westeros.

All that may sound very RPG-like, but the gameplay mechanics may not. The game will supposedly allow you to select a class for your characters, find a suited fighting style, balance out your strength and weaknesses, and the let the enemies have it with the creature(s) you’ve created.

You’ll be able to buy, find, or loot weapons and other equipment, level up and enhance your skills, and slow down time to analyze the situation in battles and decide what to do next. Politics, obviously, will also play a vital role in this game, and your tongue can supposedly earn you much more than your combat skills.

It all sounds gimmicky, and I’ll take it as that for now, but nothing can be said with surety until we have more in-depth information.

For now, enjoy the screenshots:

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones