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New Windows Phone App Allows You To Connect To Your Xbox

Xbox 360
A new app for Windows phones is set to be released, which will grant users Xbox access via their Microsoft mobile.

The app is called the ‘Xbox Companion for Windows Phone’, and though it’s a bland name, it will have quite a few useful on-the-go features.

The free app will connect to the Xbox via Wi-Fi, allowing owners to browse content catalogues, buy media, and view profile data and see friend statuses.

User will be able to search the catalog for movies, TV shows, games and more using this application on your Windows Phone.

It will also have the ability to behave as a controller, as there are options to remotely launch a movie, TV show or game on your Xbox, as well as purchase media.

Xbox Companion is set for release on Tuesday December 6th. It is yet unknown if the application can be used outside of Wi-Fi, or if the Xbox needs to remain powered on to work.

If own both a Windows Phone and an Xbox 360 (and have a Wi-Fi connection), you might want to give this app a try tomorrow.