“Most Significant” Xbox 360 Update Hits Tomorrow

Forget about the next Xbox console rumors, it’s almost time to dissect the massive Xbox 360 Dashboard Update.

Kinect Integration makes your voice and gestures the control while the new Cloud storage feature will make sure you can access your profile data and saved games anywhere you want.

The Beacon feature will let you share what you are doing so that your friends can join you and because together, the fun never ends.

In short, the update will make your console all-in-one entertainment device. Microsoft calls it the biggest interactive TV service in the world:

A new technological era in live TV in the home is launching in time for Christmas where the user becomes the remote control through voice and gesture control. Only one year on since the launch of the Kinect, this is the most significant update from Microsoft for the Xbox 360.

To us, it’s a great change specially when holidays are just around the corner to relish it. Do share with us your experience and your views about this update, which is without any doubt the biggest update since the launch of Kinect.