Top 15 Best Skyrim Mods – Textures, Characters, Performance, GUI

Skyrim may not have multiplayer, but by the courtesy of modding community, we have variety of custom mods that will make you play the game all over again.

Since there are plenty of mods available, you might be confused which mod to try. We have already shared our Top 10 Best Skyrim mods of November 2011, but now that we are in December, It’s time we go back and revise our list of Top Skyrim mods.

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1. FXAA Post Process Injector
The best thing about this FXAA mode is that it is customizeable. You can change the values according to your own wish by modifying the settings file. This mod enables you to change Skyrim in variety of ways which will make playing it again a whole new experience.

2. Customized characters
Not impressed with looks of your characters ? You want it to look more like a super hero ? The Rorschach mod will just let you do that. Create a hectic mass and transform your character into something terrifying.

3. Val’s Crafting Meltdown
While playing Skyrim, you can’t resist picking pots and other worthless items regardless of which class you belong to. Since your inventory is not unlimited by default, you can use this crafting mod that will craft these useless items into something useful like iron and steel.

4. Detailed Faces
Xenius is doing a great job and has made different mods for character enhancement. Detailed faces in one of them which imparts a more detailed look on the face of each character. Make sure that you also check other mods made by him.

5. Ken Mod – Time on Loading Screen
I am sure you would like to know the time you spent in the game. Ofcourse, it gives you bragging right and a proof to show it to others that you are a better Skyrim nerd. This mod will enable time on every loading screen.

6. Skyrim HD
Skyrim HD hasn’t been finalized yet but it’s a good step towards improving textures. I am pretty sure that this mod, when gets completed, will be like Quarl’s Texture mod for Oblivion.

7. Enhanced Blood Textures
It will refine the blood textures to make it look more gory. The mod adjusts the size of blood patches, opacity, duration, and amount automatically, and makes it better than the original.

8. Horse texture – My Little Pony
This mod will allow you to change your horse’s textures and make them look like little ponies.

9. Realistic Water
Yes, I also thought that water in Skyrim doesn’t need any polishing but that was till I tried this mod. Install this mode, Water streams will give more splendid look.

10. Glowing Ore Veins
If you are also annoyed because ore veins look similar to the rocks in Skyrim then this mod will change the textures for you to make them more distinct. This will make the mining task relatively easy.

11. ENBseries Patch
If you have a low-end PC then you should definitely try this patch. It disables some graphical options and fixes textures problems in the game.

12. 4GB Skyrim
Bethesda games don’t use more than 2GB of your system’s RAM and Skyrim is no different. By using high-end graphics and texture mods, you might feel that the game is getting unstable resulting in random crashes.

This mod will allow you to use to up to 4GB of the available memory (that is only if you have 4GB or more).

13. Interface Hard Coded Key Tweaks
If you don’t like Skyrim’s default key bindings then there is no need to be worried anymore as this mod will allow you to tweak them as you wish.

14. Enhanced Night Sky
One good thing about this mod is that it won’t affect game’s constellations and improve the quality of night-time visuals. Do look at the sky if you don’t feel any difference after applying this mod.

15. Savegame Manager
This mod will manage your save games in a better way then Skyrim’s default save system. You can manage different profiles and back them up for when if any mod makes a mess.

I can’t say this is it as more and more mods are released everyday. I will try to check the list again to add more mods. Till then, you can share with us any other mods you think are worth trying.