Resident Evil Revelations Story Trailer – Did It Make Any Sense ?

Capcom has repeatedly failed to deliver a coherent story for the franchise, but let’s not confuse ourselves and try to make a sense of what we have seen in the new story trailer of the game, which may become one of the standout titles released on Nintendo 3DS.

Let’s watch the trailer, again!

It all starts with increasing trouble in the floating city Island, with a difficult name, hard to remember. Someone is having trouble containing the trouble, so the good guys are called for help, which happens to be the specialists.

Trouble is hard to contain, because it rises from the dead – God Damn Virus! Containing this kind of trouble isn’t really the area of expertise of our specialist but they are told to hang-on, which they do.

I hope I have cleared some clouds but forgive me if it added more complexity to the story, it’s just hard to digest Capcom’s ideas in Resident Evil games.