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KlickNation, A Facebook Developer Gets The BioWare Label

EA made a late entry in the social gaming arena and proved that why they are one of the best in the gaming world. Popularity of “Sims Social” is one small example. Now, they have acquired another Facebook developer, KlickNation (makers of SuperHero City and Age of Champions) and renamed it to BioWare Sacramento which will be the part of newly formed department, BioWare social.

This new wing will focus on developing games for social networks across the globe and will be lead by former KlickNation CEO Mark Otero. Here is what general manager Ray Muzyka has to say about this acquisition:

KlickNation’s expertise in building innovative and compelling RPGs for social platforms makes them a seamless tuck-in with the BioWare team at EA. We share the same creative values

EA didn’t reveal the terms of acquisitions though but this step is another proof that EA now wants to dominate the social gaming platform too.