Final Fantasy XIII-2 Battle System Detailed

Square Enix has released a new video previewing the enhanced battle system of Final Fantasy XIII-2. While it tries to be too fancy for comfort, it doesn’t really explain itself too well either.

Most of the changes coming into the system are targeted towards the Paradigm Shift system. This system will be familiar to FFXIII players; it lets you shift between roles for your character.

Which can be joined to get broad combat styles and sets of abilities that can be either manually selected or left to semi-intelligent selection with constant pressing of the A/X button (depending on which console you’re using).

What changes in FFIIIX-2 is the way you ‘shift’ between the Paradigm Shift. The speed has been increased, and the defensive stance has been altogether removed, meaning more action and less waiting.

Another new thing is the Tune system. This system lets you tweak your paradigms by “studying your enemies closely – and choosing to have your allies take out single or multiple targets at a time”. It’s an official description, and a vague one, so we’re expecting to hear more news about this feature.

Of course, there is the Cinematic Action, seen at the end of the video as well. This is just another fancy name of QuickTime events, which aren’t too popular among more dedicated RPG players.

Though this video has quite a bit of action, it’s vague, a bit messy, and not overly eye-catching. Hopefully, it’s just a casual representation of a combat system that is better than shown.