Batman: Arkham City To Get Challenge Pack With Interesting Maps

Batman Arkham City will be getting a few more DLCs in the coming weeks, as Gametrailers revealed a new challenge map yesterday. This map pack will feature a Batcave, which has been invaded by bad-boys, and that demands some punching, kicking and pounding.

The Batcave will feature various signature items like the Batmobile, Batwing, and a T-Rex animatronic. The pack will also bundle in the Joker’s Carnival and the Iceberg Lounge challenge maps, and will be available on December 20th.

Well, DLCs are good and all (some people may not agree), but what requires more attention is the buggy release of the PC version of the game. Players from all over are complaining of tons of issues with Origin copies of the game, and those should be addressed in a patch first, instead of DLCs, as it’s quite doubtful people would be willing to spend money on an experience which is not the way it should be.