Dark Souls Merchants Locations Guide

By   /   Nov 29, 2011

Merchants are the people you need to go when you are out of stock in Dark Souls. They sell items ranging from weapons to consumables at price – Souls. If you run out of Souls in Dark Souls, you can read our Soul Farming guide.

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Dark Souls Merchants

Undead Male Merchant
Location. The building which is right next to the bonfire, the merchant is on a porch. The building has two Hollow Knights on the roof-top. You will have to clear the wooden boxes to descend the stairs and meet the merchant on left side.

If Killed:
Residence Key, a humanity, an orange guidance soapstone, Uchigatana.

Key: Name Price or Souls


  • Repair Powder 500, Throwing Knife 10, Firebomb 50, Lloyd’s Talisman 500, Orange Guidance Soapstone 100


  • Repairbox 3000, Residence Key 1000


  • Dagger 300, Shortsword 600, Scimitar 600, Rapier 600, Hand Axe 450, Club 150, Reinforced Club 350, Spear 600, Short Bow 1000, East-West Shield 400, Small Leather Shield 600, Buckler 800, Leather Shield 800, Heater Shield 1000, Warrior’s Round Shield 800


  • Standard Arrow 10, Large Arrow 50, Wooden Arrow 3, Standard Bolt 30, Heavy Bolt 100, Wood Bolt 10


  • Chain Helm 500, Chain Armor 800, Leather Gauntlets 500, Chain Leggings 500

Undead Female Merchant
Location. Aqueduct tunnel (link between undead burg, Firelink shrine and the depths). She’s at the tunnel’s end – closest to the depths.

If Killed: 60 souls


  • Bloodred Moss Clump 300, Purple Moss 500, Blooming Purple Moss Clump 1000, Poison Throwing Knife 100, Dung Pie 200, Alluring Skull 500, Charcoal Pine Resin 500, Transient Curse 4000 ,Rotten 1000, Homeward Bone 800, Prism Stone 10, Humanity 5000, Purging Stone 6000


  • Fire Arrow and Poison Arrow 100

Crestfallen Merchant
Location. He is a tall warrior wearing some heavy armor. You can find him around the top of Sen’s fortress, just when you go outside the fortress.

Take the staircases which will take you to a walkway, around that walkway are some branches. There is a path on your left which is partly broken, jump over that and head inside the tower where the merchant is.


  • Green Titanite Shards, Catarina Armor etc.

Petrus of Thorolund
Location. He is at the Firelink Shrine. He will open a shop when you’ve talked to him twice, also a copper coin will be given to you. He will close the time for some time once his guests arrive although it will be opened later on.


  • Great Heal Excerpt 10000, Homeward 8000, Force 4000, Seek Guidance 2000, Heal 4000 Talisman 1000, Thorolund Talisman 5000, Gesture: Shrug Free

Oswald the Pardoner
Location. Once you have rung the bell of Awakening, the merchant can be seen at the bottom floor of the undead Parrish Bell Tower.


  • Book of Guilty 3000, Pardon your sins (Your soul level x2000 souls).

Another cool thing which you can buy off from him is that if you have attacked an NPC by a mistake or wish to not kill him now then you can ask him for the Absolution. Once you have requested Absolution from him then that particular NPC will no longer be against you.

Dusk of Oolacile
Location. She’s a sorceress from the land of Oolacile, and can be found at the Darkroot Basin – just to the left side of the Hydra. She is caught/trapped and you will have to free her to get her services.

She’s trapped by a golden golem, they’re similar to the blue ones but are more stronger. Defeat the golem – the fight is not very difficult if you keep an eye onto your shield and stamina.

Once done, she’ll be independent and tell you that she’ll place a sign and you can use it to call her which is right in front of the hydra.

Items & Spells

  • Chameleon Spell, Weapon invisibility spell, general invisibility spell, Repair Sorcery Spell, Oolacile Ivory Catalyst, Tin Banishment Catalyst etc.

Shiva of the East
Location. You’ll first see him as the part of the forest hunter’s covenant, and to buy items from him you will have to join the covenant. Once you have, travel to blight town and you’ll find him in the swamp – under that large wheel like structure.

Make sure that you buy all the items from him as he will not be there once you’ve broken the forest hunter covenant.

Domhnall of Zena
Location. He is found at the entrance to blighttown, in the depths. Domhnall of Zena wears gold armor. He has a good collection of items. This includes the items of his own armor too.

He has another location, if you don’t see him at the depths then you can find him underneath the aqueduct, just next to the firelink shrine. It’s the place where you jump to get the ring of sacrifice.

Note. He also sells the armor of Ornstein and Smough, provided that if you want Smough’s armor then you kill Ornstein first and if you want Ornstein’s armor then you take-down Smough at first.

Location. You can simply trade some items with Snuggly – The Crow. The nest can be found outside the Northern Undead Asylum. When you see the nest, simply curl up into the ball and wait a while so a cut-scene is played.

Just drop the items so you see the result, you can save the game before dropping an item so you can simply load it back if you don’t want the traded item. Don’t drop multiple items at a time as it may result in a loss.

Other Merchants

Griggs of Vinheim, Laurentius of the great swamp, Griggs of Vinheim, Big Hat Logan

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