Skyrim Mining Guide and Ore Locations

By   /   Nov 20, 2011

Mining is probably the most important mean of gathering raw materials in Skyrim. These raw materials can then be used for crafting/creating weapons, armor and jewelry. The axe icons on your mini-map show the locations of the mine ores. Though, there are some huge mining resource sites that you may have to discover first.

Mining these ores will keep your stock of raw materials high and may reward you with gems for your efforts. Another important aspect of mining locations is, they are never completely depleted, just visit them after 7 days, and they will be ready to get mined.

Ore Locations

If you can’t find raw material ores to mine in Skyrim, follow the locations specified below and you should have abundant resources.


  • There is a mine at Darkwater Crossing that is located in the marshes south of Windhelm.
  • Blackreach has lots of Corundum veins.


  • Southwest from the Dawnstar, Mzinchaleft.
  • Southeast from Windhelm, next to the western base of the mountain. Mzulft.


  • It is located at the Glombound mine which is at the south-east of Windhelm. The mine is guarded and you can gain entry by doing the quest given by the gate-keeper or just break-in.


  • The gold is located at the Kolskeggr mine, its probably the best mine for gold.


  • Iron is located at the Whistling Mine, its located at the south-east side of winter hold. This mine doesn’t have a lot of iron, merely two veins from the top.
  • East of Morthal, stonehills has around 15 öre but its very easy to mine from here.
  • Left-Hand Mine, is located to the south-eastern side of Markarth. The mine is very big and easy to fine, but has a limited supply.
  • Southwest of Riverwood is the Embershard Mine which is guarded by bandits.


  • Found in random caves, kill bandits and loot them or search the tables.


  • The Soljund’s sinkhole has it, it is at the eastern side of Markarth. A guy will try to stop you explaining a problem. Don’t worry and take care of it as the dragurs are not very hard. Few of the stones are at the end of the Dungeon.
  • The cave at the south-east of Windhelm which is known as Stony Creek Cave has two veins at the very back.
  • These are also found at different mountain tops.


  • If you follow the river west out of Markarth or go to the South of Gjukars Monument then you’ll find the Bileguch Mine. It is guarded by bandits.


  • The west side of the main city has a quicksilver mine, just next to the docked ship. (Dawnstar)


  • Cidhna Mine has around 4-5 nodes. (You see it in the No one escapes Cidhna Mine quest)
  • Another way to get silver is to simply kill the members of Silver Hand faction.

If you find useful ore locations, don’t forget to share with us in the comments below!

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