How To Create Modern Warfare 3 Class With All Unlock Available

It’s a simple workaround that will enable you use your Modern Warfare 3 custom classes with everything unlocked on the ranked servers. You can create up to five different classes in the private match option in the multiplayer menu. When you do create these classes all unlocks become available to you and you can pick any of the weapons, perks, and proficiencies.

The trick is that you can choose between these custom classes to play on any servers. Follow the step by step instructions below to create Modern Warfare 3 class with all the unlocks available. If you want to unlock everything by the book, read our Modern Warfare 3 Rank Up Guide for help.

How To Create Class With All Unlocks Available

  1. Go to the Private Match option in the Multiplayer Menu.
  2. Select Create Class.
  3. Create up to 5 classes and choose your favorite weapons/perks/equipment/whatever.
  4. Join Server and use these classes.

For more help on Modern Warfare 3, read our Crashes Troubleshooting Guide.

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