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Counter Strike: Global Offensive Beta Delayed

It’s Halloween, the last day of October, and the beta version of Counter Strike: Global Offensive is still out of the scene.

While talking to ESEA, Valveā€™s Chet Faliszek revealed that the upcoming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive — the latest gem from valve — will be missing its proposed October beta.

Due to the delay in response by pro gamers, who actually have played the game, Valve has postponed the release of beta version. The beta doesn’t have a new date as yet.

When it does eventually launch, it’ll start with just one or two maps and 10,000 testers. Over time, as the game gets closer to its “early next year” release date, additional content will be added as the beta progresses till the finished game.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is releasing on PC, Mac, Xbox Live Arcade and PSN “early next year.” This is Valve we’re talking about, though, so you may well be able to remove that “early” at some point soon.

Source. Gamepro