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Lord of the Rings: War in the North Trophies

Lord of the Rings: Warn in the North is based on the previously untold stories in the realm of Middle Earth. What happens in the North? You Well, play the game to find the answer. You will select one of the three available warriors; a dwarf, a human and an elf lady and take on the forces of the dark Sauron. You can either enjoy the game alone or better, with your friends in the co-op mode.

You will be swinging your weapons to slaughter the Orcs and other big enemies infested by the northern section of Middle earth. The game has also got the RPG touch with character progression being an important element of the game.

Following is the list of trophies to be included in the game and if you need any help on game’s main campaign, you can also check our Lord of the Rings: War in North walkthrough.

Against All Odds (Silver)
Complete a playthrough on Legendary difficulty.

Bane of Mordor (Silver)
Kill 600 enemies in a single playthrough.

Battle-master (Gold)
Unlock every active-cast ability in one character’s skill tree.

Champion of the North (Silver)
Achieve level 20.

Defender of the North (Gold)
Achieve level 10.

Dragon-hoard (Gold)
Amass 25,000 coins.

Expert Treasure-hunter (Silver)
Locate 5 gilded treasure chests in a single playthrough.

Fell-handed (Silver)
Deal 1500 damage in a single melee strike.

Foe-hammer (Gold)
Kill 200 enemies in a single playthrough.

Gem-studded (Gold)
Slot an elfstone into an item.

Herb-master (Gold)
Create 15 potions in a single playthrough.

Hero of Legend (Silver)
Complete a playthrough on Heroic difficulty.

Keen-eyed Marksman (Gold)
Kill 50 enemies with headshots in a single playthrough.

Like a Thunderbolt (Silver)
Deal 3000 damage with a single ranged strike.

Living Shield (Silver)
Absorb 25,000 total damage during the course of 1 level.

Many deeds, great and small (Gold)
Complete 15 quests in a single playthrough.

Now for wrath, now for ruin! (Gold)
Kill 4 enemies simultaneously.

Relentless (Gold)
While in Hero Mode, perform a streak of 50 hits.

Seeker (Gold)
Discover 25 secrets in a single playthrough.

Strength of Our Alliance (Gold)
Slay one enemy together with 2 other players.

Sudden Fury (Gold)
Perform 3 critical hits within 10 seconds.

Swift-winged Warrior (Gold)
Summon Beleram 10 times in a single playthrough.

The Lidless Eye (Silver)
Complete the investigation of the Cult of the Lidless Eye.

Troll’s Bane (Gold)
Slay the wild snow trolls.

Victorious in Battle (Silver)
Complete a playthrough on at least Normal difficulty.

War-hardened (Gold)
Achieve at least 1 rank in a tier 3 skill.

War-machinist (Gold)
Kill 150 enemies with war machines in a single playthrough.

Warrior Exemplar (Gold)
For one character unlock every skill that provides a modification to War Cry, Sanctuary or Evasion.

Warrior of the North (Platinum)
Earn all trophies for Lord of the Rings: War in the North

Well-arrayed (Gold)
Equip all parts of an armor set.

Where there’s life, there’s hope (Gold)
Revive a fallen ally.