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EA Sending Discount Codes for Origin – Check Your Emails

I guess you should be checking your E-mails rather than doing, what you are doing right now, because there is something special craving for your attention. It would be nice if I don’t say anything else, but I’m sorry I can’t keep anything in my tummy for long. So here it is, good news for everyone who owns an Origin account, because you have just got a magical code that will render you a discount up to 10%, 20%,30%, and if you are lucky enough you can have game for almost free, I mean 100% discount.

This Discount code will be applicable on everything in the store except pre-orders and games released in the last month.

Now I believe if you have come reading this far then you don’t have and Origin account, do not just close this window with a sigh, rather close it now and get yourself signed up to utilize this deal.