Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Guide

Battlefield 3’s multiplayer makes up for the lackluster single-player campaign and quite frankly, Battlefield games aren’t know for single-player campaigns. Battlefield 3 supports 24 player online on consoles and 64 player matches on PC.

Our aim for this guide is to give a solid understanding of the multiplayer to people who are new to series and give a brief overview to those who just ended their romance with Battlefield 2.

I will try my best to explain different components of Battlefield 3 multiplayer without making things too complex so that when you start with the game, you don’t get overwhelmed by complexity and depth of the gameplay.

So, let’s just start with Battlefield 3 Classes and Kits:

Battlefield 3 Classes

There are four classes in Battlefield 3 and we will provide an overview of each class in this section of the guide to help you decide which class would best suit your game style. It’s important to choose the class that suits your game style because otherwise you will find it difficult to gel-in.

If you are new to Battlefield, you may have to suck it up a little and once you are comfortable with one class, you can experiment with others to acquire diverse skills that would help you in your competitive matches.

It’s more like Assault + Medic in Battlefield 3. You will have medic capabilities to revive and replenish the health of your teammates at the front lines plus average Assault capabilities – Assault Weapons and more.

If you are good in mid-to-long-range battles, you should pick Assault but be warned, it would require patience to learn the large maps and exploit the loopholes in them.

The weapons and equipment available to you when you choose Assault class has been discussed in Assault Kit Guide. It will give insight about weapons, accessories and how you can unlock them in Battlefield 3.

Engineers in Battlefield 3 are more or less similar to those in Bad Company 2. As an engineer, you will engage battle tanks and enemy vehicles with your shoulder launched weapons and anti-vehicle explosives.

You get Carbines with sub-machine and shotguns that are good in mid-to-short-range. The weapons and equipment available to you when you choose Engineer class has been discussed in Engineer Kit Guide. Read it more for insight about weapons, accessories and how you can unlock them in Battlefield 3.

It’s the Sniper class in Battlefield 3. You will have Sniper rifles at your disposal for long range engagement. In Battlefield 3, Recon players will be able to mark their targets and then pick them out from range and will play a more active role comparatively.

The weapons and equipment available to you when you choose Recon class has been discussed in Recon Kit Guide. Read it more for insight about weapons, accessories and how you can unlock them in Battlefield 3.

Remember Battlefield 2 ? Support class in Battlefield 3 goes back to its roots. It’s main purpose is to provide heavy fire support from a LMG and resupply teammates with ammunition. You will mostly use heavy weaponry but that doesn’t mean you can’t use lighter weapons and Assault rifles because you will have them at your disposal.

The weapons and equipment available to you when you choose Recon class has been discussed in Support Kit Guide. Read it more for insight about weapons, accessories and how you can unlock them in Battlefield 3.

There are few weapons and accessories that are available to all Kits. You can read about these in our All Kits Unlock Guide, which sums up our overview of the classes and Kits.

Multiplayer Modes

There are five different multiplayer game modes in Battlefield 3, all of which are available on all maps. Some are infantry online while others support both infantry and vehicles. It depends on how large a map is, of course DICE can’t allow you to go berserk on a small map with your fighter jet.

It’s objective based game mode where two teams fight over three to four flags. Flags are scattered throughout the map and you can capture these flags by standing next to them. The process will finish much faster with your teammates around.

Your objective is to drain your opponents re-spawn tickets. There are two ways you can do that; capture the flags or kill your opponents more than they kill you.

If you hold more flags, your opponent’s re-spawn tickets will slowly drain over time and the same will be true when you kill and force them to revive themselves. The first team to drain all the re-spawn tickets of their opposing team WINS.

It’s another objective based game mode in which teams engage in trying to destroy or defend M-COM Stations. There will be two M-COM Stations and one team would be defending the M-COM Station while other attacking it.

Defenders must defend until the attacking team runs out of Respawn Tickets. Simply put, defenders will have to kill the attackers 100 times to deplete all their Respawn Tickets.

Attackers on the other hand, need to destroy both M-COM Stations and then move forward to the next site and do it again a few more times, depending on the map. Every time Attackers destroy both M-COM Stations, their Respawn Tickets will be reset back to 100.

Attackers can destroy the M-COM Stations in two ways; they can either plant an explosive or destroy the building the M-COM Station is located in. It comes down to your style really, but if you plant the bomb, defenders can defuse it if they get the chance.

Squad Rush
It’s another objective mode in which two squads of four square off to attack or defend two M-COM Stations. It is suitable to more competitive matches since there are only two M-COM Stations at bases.

Defenders must defend the M-COM Stations until the other team runs our of Respawn Tickets. Again, defenders must kill attackers and force them to Respawn for a set amount of times to win the game. Attackers can revive their teammates so they don’t lose a Respawn Ticket.

Attackers however, need to destroy the M-COM Station and then move forward to the next base and do the same. Once they have taken over the first base, their Respawn Tickets will reset back.

As an attacker, you can either blow the building or plant an explosive to destroy the M-COM Station. If you choose to plant, make sure there is no defender nearby since they can defuse that bomb.

Team Deathmatch
Simple kill them all traditional team death match. Your objective is simple, kill as many opponents as you can in a given time and win the game.

Squad Deathmatch
It’s a squad based team death match. Four Squads of four players fight it out for glory, the squad that reaches the kill limit first, wins the game. In the Squad Deathmatch, there will one Infantry Vehicle placed in the middle of the map, which can be used by any of the squad player.

To counter this vehicle threat, have an engineer kit available at all times, you can either grab the vehicle or destroy it – whatever leads you to the victory.

Battlefield 3 Weapons

There are a wide range of weapons in Battlefield 3. Play with your favorite weapons to unlock all their accessories and equipment that can further increase the effectiveness of the said weapon.

These weapons are divided among Assault, Support, Engineer, and Recon Kits but there are general weapons too, that are available to all kits. For more insight on weapons, attachments and weapon progression, read our Weapons and Gadgets Guide.

Battlefield 3 Vehicles

Coming Soon!

Battlefield 3 Specializations

Battlefield 3 specializations enhance certain abilities of your soldier or give you certain equipment that increases your effectiveness in the battlefield. Significance of these Specializations lies in your limitation to choose only one per Kit. So, it is really important that you choose the right specialization!

Specializations are of two types; personal specialization and squad specializations. The benefit of personal specialization is limited to individual player while full squad enjoys the benefits of squad specialization.

Note. In case of Squad Specialization, the squad enjoys the benefit of the specialization while Personal specialization limits it to one person.

Gives two additional magazines of ammo to your primary and secondary weapons. Personal specialization gets unlocked at Rank 5 while Squad specialization gets unlock at Rank 26.

Allows you to run faster and longer. Personal specialization gets unlocked at Rank 2 while Squad specialization gets unlock at Rank 23.

You will get a FLAK Jacket that will protect you from explosives. Personal specialization is unlocked at Rank 8 while squad specialization gets unlocked at Rank 29.

EXPL – Explosive Specialization
Gives you twice as many gadget explosives. Personal specialization gets unlocked at Rank 11 while squad specialization gets unlocked at Rank 31.

COVR- Cover Specialization
Reduces the effect of suppressive fire. Your screen will blur when you are being fired on. Personal specialization gets unlocked at Rank 14 while Squad specialization gets unlocked at Rank 35.

SUPR – Suppressive Fire Specialization
Enhances your suppressive fire ability. When you fire at enemy, their screen will blur quicker. Personal specialization gets unlocked at Rank 18 while squad specialization gets unlocked Rank 33.

Gives you twice as many M67 grenades. Personal specialization gets unlocked at Rank 20 while Squad specialization gets unlocked at Rank 37.

Battlefield 3 Dog Tags

Small metallic tags that every soldier wears in Battlefield 3. You start with a default Dog Tag and when level up with your weapon and rack up kills to unlock more rank themed Dog Tags. You can collect other player’s Dog Tags by killing them with a knife melee attack and keep it as a souvenir.

Battlefield 3 Maps Guide

Read our Battlefield 3 Map Strategy Guide.

Battlefield 3 Unlockables

Read our Battlefield 3 Unlocks guide for more insight on how you can unlock weapons, gadgets, vehicles and more.

Battlefield 3 Beginner’s Guide

This section of the guide is dedicated to basics of first person shooting and game-play mechanics of Battlefield 3. It may not include the best of strategies for Veterans, but it surely get a beginner on the road to become a better Battlefield 3 player.

Battlefield 3 is not your average first person shooter like I said before, it has great depth in gameplay and gets complex as you know more about thousands of variations and strategies you can try.

What Are Battlefield 3 Kits ?
Old players joining Battlefield 3 would find familiar kits when they start the multiplayer and it may not be the case for new players. In any case, when you will join Battlefield 3 multiplayer, you will be given four kits to choose from and these are: Assault, Engineer, Support, and Recon.

Choose your class and set up your Kit according to that. If you are confused about classes and kits in Battlefield 3, read the section dedicated to that above. Each kit includes a primary weapon, a handgun, two gadgets, and a Specialization.

In Battlefield 3, you can’t pick up another person’s weapon. Instead, you must pick up their entire kit from a dead enemy or a teammate. When you pick up a kit, all your weapons and gadgets switch over.

So, it’s an interesting choice to make, you are never sure about the gadgets of the person you just killed or your teammate and you don’t want to pick up a wrong mix of gadgets and specialization in the heat of the battle but you may end up picking one.

Weapon Fire Modes
You can switch between several fire modes that are supported by different weapons in Battlefield 3. It effectiveness of each fire mode is dependent on the situation you are in.

  • Full Auto – Hold the trigger and you can empty the chamber.
  • Semi Auto – Fire one bullet at a time.
  • Burst Fire – Fire in bursts of bullets.
  • Bolt/Pump Action – Requires a bolt-action before another bullet can be fired.
  • Single Shot – Requires reload after each shot.

For more insight, you can read our Weapons Guide for more insight on how you can use each fire mode and weapon under different circumstances.

How To Reload Faster
In Battlefield 3, you have one extra round in your magazine. When you reload with that extra round in the chamber of the weapon intact, you will reload faster, but when you empty your weapon, it will take a second longer to reload your weapon.

Choose Accessories Carefully
There are tons of special attachments and modifications in Battlefield 3 that you can make to your weapon to use it in different situations.

Weapon Accessories in Battlefield 3 are divided into three sections: Optics, Primary and Secondary. Optics are scopes and sights, primary accessories are mainly under-barrel modifications, and secondary accessories are barrel and ammo modifications.

You can place one accessory on each of three sections for each primary weapon you use. Before you do that, you must unlock each accessory for each weapon by killing 10-350 enemy players.

For more insight, read our Weapons Guide.

How To Aim ?
Yes, it isn’t as simple as aiming down sight and pulling the trigger. It gets complex when you are to take an enemy in range. There are two things you need to take into account when you are aiming for an opponent in range and these are: Bullet Travel and Bullet Drop.

Bullet Travel is the amount of time a bullet takes to reach its target. There would be a short time-lapse before bullets from your weapon will hit their target. If you are to hit a moving target, you may need to fire in its path to compensate for the time a bullet takes to reach its target. You will basically need to lead your target to run into the bullet.

Bullet Drop is the same principle but this time, you will need to compensate the vertical distance. When you fire a weapon, bullets that come out drop vertically over distance, so if you are aiming for an opponent in range, you will have to fire above him to successfully take him out.

Suppressor reduces the bullet speed so bullet drop is considerably more. In this case, you will have to aim even higher to compensate for the drop. Trick is to use the lines of your weapon’s scope to see where the bullet is dropping and adjust accordingly.

New feature in Battlefield 3 but don’t stress yourself, it’s very simple and I have gone over it in detail already. When an enemy fires at you, your screen will start to blur.

You can increase your suppression ability or decrease your opponent’s suppression ability with the help of Specializations. Go for the Support kit, if your aim is to suppress the enemy. If you are on the receiving end of this, use Sniper to take out the opponent suppressing your team.

Role of Medics
Assault Kit comes with Medic capabilities allowing Assault players to drop medic kits to heal or use their Defibrillator to revive teammates. Reviving teammates is very important especially when you are playing Conquest and Rush game modes which are based off Respawn Tickets.

When you revive a player, it saves one Respawn Ticket which the player otherwise have consumed. Keeping you and your team in the game and perhaps saves time that otherwise would have taken the attacking player to travel from spawn to the point of interest.

To balance the revive option, players are given the choice to accept revive or reject it and respawn. There can be several reasons for a player to reject a revive – he may still be in the line of fire, too many enemies surrounding the area or the poor guy may just be out of ammo.

It’s an interesting decision who to revive also. You don’t want to revive a player who was dicking with his pistol in the game you are taking thing seriously or a player who is playing with shotgun for fun.

Since both parties aren’t interesting in winning the game, they are just having fun. So, always go for players who are taking things seriously and are trying to win the game.

How To Rank Up Fast
Read our Battlefield 3 Rank Up Guide if you are looking for simple strategies you can use to rank up fast in Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 3 General Tips

Experiment With Classes
There is nothing like tips of classes, there are useless unless you know which style of gameplay suits you best. If you don’t know, experiment with each class and see which class works best for you.

Be a Master
Once you have chosen your favorite class, rank it up and unlock everything. Stick to it and don’t attempt to be Jack of All Trades!

Sprint But, Not Always
This is one of the fundamental mistakes most of the first person shooter players make, sprinting everywhere all the time. You should really practice patience and try to move from cover to cover. Only sprint to objective or combat zone as a last resort.

You Don’t Have To Kill To Score
Experience points be earned by becoming a good squad player also. You don’t have to rush in combat just to rack up kills, be a team player, and you will more XP. Battlefield 3 is a squad-based game, just remember that.

Join a Squad
Being in a squad has its benefits. You earn more XP and you can use your teammate to spawn you at distant map locations but make sure you know where you will spawn. You don’t want to end up in firefight, you are not ready for.

Important in competitive matches. Tell your teammates about your location and if you are quick enough to figure out opponent’s strategy, tell your teammates. As a squad leader, mark objectives to earn more XP.

Find and Mark Enemies
You can tap the SELECT Button to mark hidden enemies for your squad to eliminate. You get bonus XP every time you successfully mark an enemy that gets taken care of.

Focus on Objectives
Mark your objectives and pursue them. Don’t waste your energy racking up kills when you can win the match just by taking control of the objective locations. Again, you should be clear about your objective and then follow a strategy to achieve that. It will help you focus in the heat of the battle.

If you can’t effectively utilize the vehicles you are provided, don’t use them. Bale yourself off and wait for the time when you are ready. Practice driving these vehicles in public servers. Vehicles can change the outcome of the game, so it’s important that you know how to effectively use them against your opponents.

Flank and Cover – Don’t Be Predictable
Surprise your enemy by flanking them or just move from cover to cover and be cautious to take them out. Just don’t run straight into your enemy or for objective when you can use your brain to find a route to flank them. If you can’t flank, move up and provide suppressing fire for your teammates to do this job.

For now, this should get you going with Battlefield 3. We will update it if need it. Meanwhile you can share your tips with us in the comments below!

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