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Battlefield 3 Weapons Guide – Gadgets and Weapon Accessories

Battlefield 3 allows you to customize your kit in variety of ways – it gives you option to handpick your two favorite gadgets, equipment and weapon accessories of your choice.

There is a great depth in choice since Battlefield 3 features more weapons, equipment, gadgets and accessories than any Battlefield game to date.

Our guide will walk you three each option to give you a fair idea about what options you should consider under certain circumstances when it comes to your weapons, gadgets, and weapon accessories.

Battlefield 3 Handguns

These weapons aren’t lethal open warfare weapons but they do kill and will be found traditionally with officers to maintain law and order in society. Battlefield 3 features several handguns with different variations of models and calibers.

They may not pack-a-punch but in the hands of a veteran, they are deadly in close quarters. Every kit in Battlefield 3 has one handgun weapon – the handgun you get will also depend on which faction you have sided with.

.44 Magnum
The old legend, semi-automatic pistol, which has drowned in its legacy in modern times.


Modified M9 – It fires in three rounds burst compared to semi-auto M9 and comes equipped with Foregrip to reduce the recoil during each burst.

It’s a semi-automatic Pistol, which is effective at close, has 17 rounds clip and comes with a laser sight by default.

G17C Silenced
Put a silencer on G17C and you get the silenced version of the weapon. You will unlock it at Rank 19.

Use of Silencer
Suppressor helps you evade your enemies radar while silently unleashing death upon them. They won’t hear the noise of your gun, neither will spot you on their radar when you fire. This way, you can flank enemy spawn and camp there hidden to rack up as many kills as possible without catching attention.

Fully automatic G17C becomes G18. It has increased fire rate so take a good note of your ammo. Increased fire rate makes it difficult to control this weapon in long-range, but the same makes it an effective weapon in short-range. You just can spray the fuck out of any enemy. It has 19 rounds clip and comparatively larger ammo capacity.

G18 Silenced
Silenced G18. It gets unlocked at Rank 30. Every silenced weapon has same use, one way or another.

Semi-automatic pistol. It is effective at close range, has 15 rounds clip and OK fire rate.

M9 Silenced
Silenced M9. It gets unlocked at Rank 25.

M9 Tactical
Tactical M9 gets unlocked at Rank 10 and has Tactical Light which makes it tactical, OK ? not much difference in build and other stats.

Use of Tactical Light
Tactical Light enables you to see target in dark places where you will find it difficult to aim. It helps you illuminate the target and aim effectively.

Russian Semi-automatic pistol. It is effective at close range and has 17 rounds clip. It’s ammo capacity is a bit more compared to M9.

MP443 Silenced
Silenced MP443.

MP443 Tactical
Same gun but with Tactical Light. It gets unlocked at Rank 13.

It’s a compact .357 Magnum, not as powerful as .44 Magnum but it’s accuracy makes it effective weapon compared to the old legend.

Battlefield 3 Gadgets – Gadget 1

You can choose your first gadget among these.

Ammo Box
Extra ammo you can keep with you, if your teammates need it. You can replenish their enough by getting close enough. Each ammo box can re-supply 10 times before it disappears.

It supplies one magazine after 1.5 seconds for weapons but explosives may take longer. If you drop another ammo box while there is already one on the map, the first one will disappear.


FIM-92 Stinger
Infra-red Surface to Air Missiles to take down anything that hunts in air (Helicopter, Aircrafts). Stinger is an effective anti-air, lock-on only rocket launcher. Part of Engineer Kit in Battlefield 3.

It’s a underslung 12 gauge shotgun – Mass stands for Modular Accessory Shotgun System. You can attack it under your weapon using Underslung weapon accessory or you will have to switch to this gadget to use it. It has 6 rounds clip with ammo capacity of 18. It’s bolt-action and part of Assault Kit in Battlefield 3.

One-shot reload grenade launcher which fires 40MM fragmentation grenades that explode on impact. Effective at short to medium range and you can attack it to the bottom of your weapon using Underslung Rail weapon accessory.

If you don’t, you will to switch to this gadget, when you want to use it. It is part of Assault Kit in Battlefield 3.

Other M320s
There are several variations of M320’s – You can use default Frag Grenade to unlock other variations. There are smoke, anti-vehicle, and darts.
M320 (40MM Frag)
M320 Dart (40MM Buckshot) (Unlocked After 10 Kills)
M320 Smoke (40MM Smoke) (Unlocked After 20 Kills)

Ammo Specializations will increase M320 Dart ammo, while EXPL specialization will increase M320 smoke ammo.

Medic Kit
Heal your wounds and speed up health regeneration of your teammates. You can use the medic kit for 20 times before it disappears. When you drop the second medic kit, first one will disappear.

Russian Shoulder launched Rocket Propelled Grenade. Anti-vehicle and infantry menace. One-shot, has ammo capacity of 4, and is part of Engineer Kit.

Russian Shoulder launched infra-red SAM. It is a lock-on only rocket launcher similar to Stinger and is effective anti-air weapon. One-shot, has ammo capacity of 3, and is part of Engineer Kit.

It’s a shoulder launched multipurpose assault weapon. One-shot and reload launcher, which fires 83mm HEDP Rockets. It has ammo capacity of 4 and is part of Engineer Kit.

These are tactical unattended Ground Sensors, which are used by Recon Kit to detect enemy infantry and vehicles. You can set them on the ground and activate to mark the enemies on the map by red dots.

Make sure you have placed it in a well-hidden area, because they can be spotted and destroyed with explosives and gunfire.

Battlefield 3 Gadgets – Gadget 2

You can choose your second gadget among these.

Remotely detonated explosives part of Support Kit. You can set them anywhere and then hide in grass or whatever to detonate when enemies come nearby.

If it doesn’t work, you can go pick them up and place elsewhere. You will get three with each Support Kit but if you do EXPL Specialization, you will get five.

You can revive fallen teammates with this gadget. It is part of Assault Kit. When any of your teammate dies, he/she will have a heartbeat sensor line above their body. You can head over to them and use this gadget to instantly bring them back to life with 30% health in prone position.

Players who receive the revive has the option to accept it or refuse it and re-spawn. This is more of a balancing act, so people just don’t spawn defibrillator.

Always make sure the area around is clear of enemies, before you attempt to revive anyone. If your teammates accept revive and stand-up, they will have 100% health.

Radio Beacon
It’s more of a spawning point that can be set up anywhere on the map. When a Recon player sets a Radio Beacon on the map, it allows players in your squad, to spawn on the Radio Beacon.

Recon player can pick up anytime by walking over it but be careful with this gadget though, it can easily turn into a nightmare or a trap. It can spotted and destroyed by the enemy gunfire and once you spawn, it will disappear.

Repair Tool
You can repair your vehicles and destroy enemy vehicles using this gadget.


M15 AT Mine

M18 Claymore

M224 Mortar

Special Operations Forces Laser Marker helps you find the range of a critical target.

Battlefield 3 Equipment

Knife kills are still stealthy but are no longer sure kills unless you sneak up behind an enemy and use it. They will only cause 25% damage otherwise. It is possible to keep your knife out in Battlefield 3 instead of your weapon.

M67 Grenade
Only frag grenade available to all players. You cannot cook the grenade and so you have time it in the air if you want to get rid of a camping player. It detonates after 5 seconds.

Battlefield 3 Weapon Accessories

Different weapon accessories you will have option to consider in Battlefield 3. Most of these are task specific.

ACOG (4x)
4x Magnification ACOG scope – Optics Category. Magnification compared to iron sights.

Ballistic (12x)
Powerful sniper scope with 12x Magnification. You can use a Bipod or hold the sprint button to steady your aim. It falls in optics category of Weapon Accessories.

Holographic (HOLO)
It adds extra magnification compared to iron sights – optic category weapon accessory.

IRNV (IR 1x)
Special weapon sight that uses infra-red technology to see in dark surroundings. It doesn’t come with any magnification and can be steadied using a Bipod or holding sprint button. It is also an optic category weapon accessory.

Kobra (RDS)
It’s a Russian red dot sight that replaces back-end of the iron sights with red dot sight. It doesn’t add any extra magnification. It is an optic category weapon accessory.

M145 (3.4x)
Weapon scope that adds 3.4x magnification, an optic category accessory.

PK-A (3.4x)
Russian scope that adds 3.4x magnification, an optic category accessory.

It’s a Russian optic accessory that can be attached to the top of your weapon. It doesn’t add any extra magnification, just helps aiming effectively.

PKS-07 (7x)
Russian Sniper Scope with 7x magnification, an optic category accessory. It can be steadied by using a Bipod, or holding the sprint button like all Snipers.

PSO-1 (4x)
Russian Scope with 4x magnification – an optic category weapon accessory.

Reflex (RDS)
Reflex is a US red dot sight that replaces back-end of the iron sights with a red dot sight. No extra magnification, just helps aiming effectively. It is an optic category weapon accessory.

Rifle Scope (6x)
US Rifle Scope with 6x magnification, an optic weapon accessory. It can be steadied by using Bipod, or holding the sprint button.

Rifle Scope (8x)
US Rifle Scope with 8x magnification, an optic weapon accessory. It can be steadied by using Bipod, or holding the sprint button.

It’s a weapon accessory that is used to remove all recoil when not firing. It completely removes sway from any scopes. It helps steady your aim when you fire – recoil is drastically reduced but not eliminated. |

Lay prone on flat surface directly in front of you and aim down sight, Bipod will set up automatically. You can’t look to a full 360 degrees until you detach the Bipod so make sure you are well-hidden when you go for this weapon accessory. Bipod falls in the primary weapon accessory category.

Extended Mag
Gives you 50% more ammunition, is a primary weapon accessory.

It reduces the horizontal recoil of your weapons when firing. The effectiveness of Foregrip depends on the weapon’s recoil – if it’s a weapon with vertical recoil, Foregrip is close to useless. If it’s a weapon with horizontal recoil, Foregrip will help aiming and reduce the recoil.

Laser Sight
It adds a laser sight to the barrel of your weapon. It increases hipfire accuracy and can impair enemy’s vision if flashed in their eyes. Since it can blind your enemies, they will be able to see the laser at all times, which may give away your location.

You can turn on/off it at any time. You can press UP on D-Pad to switch it back and forth. You may find this weapon accessory in primary or second category depending upon the weapon you are using.

Straight Pull Bolt
This weapon accessory allows you to chamber another round on Bolt-Action Rifles without Scoping Out. It can be extremely useful under certain conditions, so better have it when you are using a bolt-action Sniper Rifle. It’s a primary weapon accessory.

Tactical Light
It adds a flashlight to the barrel of your weapon. It can impair your enemy’s and teammate’s vision. It’s effective in dark areas and like Laser Sight can be turned on/off at any time. You can use D-Pad on consoles to switch it back and forth. It may fall in primary or secondary category subjected to weapon you use.

Underslung Rail
It allows you attack M320 and M26 MASS to the bottom of your weapon for easy access. If you don’t have this weapon accessory, you will need to switch to these M320 or M26 MASS as an alternate weapon. It’s a primary accessory.

12G Buckshot
Powerful Shells for Shotguns that have comparatively higher spread but low range and penetration. It’s a secondary category accessory.

12G Flechette
Alternate shells for Shotgun, more penetration but lower damage compared to Buckshot. It’s a secondary category accessory.

12G Frag
Alternate shells for Shotgun, lower damage but has great suppression ability. It’s a secondary category accessory.

12G Slug
Alternate shells for Shotgun, very powerful shells that cover great distance but lack the stopping power of 12G Buckshot. It’s a secondary category accessory.

Flash Suppressor
You can attack this accessory to your weapon to reduce the sound of your weapon at the price of reduced accuracy. It’s a secondary category accessory.

Heavy Barrel
It increases the accuracy of your weapon with heavy match ammunition at the price of increases vertical recoil. It’s a secondary category accessory.

Silencer is your best friend when you want to sneak up on your enemies behind enemy lines. It reduces the damage and forces you to aim higher when you are trying to fire at an enemy in rage to compensate for the bullet drop. It’s a second category accessory.