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Diablo III – Team Deathmatch And Achievements Detailed

Blizzard introduced the Team Deathmatch feature for the much awaited Diablo III’s player vs. player mode recently at Blizzcon. The mode supports 4v4 battles, and is an efficient way of testing one’s prowess. Or is it?

The rules of Team Deathmatch are conventional; two teams, red and blue, have an all-out battle against each other, and kills are the key to success. The team with the most kills in ten minutes wins.

You’ll be able to use any of your characters in the arena. However, once the match has started you won’t be able to change your build. Tweaking your skillset before each battle will be necessary to improve chances of success.

But the ability to buy items from an auction house has everyone concerned, and many have shown their doubts over the nature of matchmaking. The play-to-win nature of the multiplayer mode of Diablo III is an issue that needs to be looked at, especially since the auction house will allow players to get their hands on overly powerful items relatively easily.

Aside from the Team Deathmatch, Blizzard also revealed Achievements for Diablo III. Some of the achievements are linear and can be easily unlocked while playing the campaign mode, while others are harder and have steep demands.

Achievements unlock new parts and designs for your character’s standard, and the prowess of your character can be determined by the flagpole standard. These standards will be visible in the game world and will serve as ‘rank’ symbols for your account.

We still don’t have an exact date for the game’s release, but we know that when it does get released, sleep will be a thing of the past and all other activities will come to a halt for a good while.