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Sony To Launch Playstation Suite in November

It’s just a matter of time when Sony’s Playstation Suite will be supporting a range of Android devices, and possibly other smartphone platforms, said SCE chairman Kaz Hirai has said.

Android OS support is limited to Sony devices, such as the game smartphone Xperia Play, as well as the new range of ‘PlayStation Certified’ tablets.

From Sony’s side, supported hardware includes PS Vita, and the game-centric smartphone Xperia Play, as well as Sony’s two new tablets. Any near-future hardware that is ‘PlayStation Certified’ would likely also support the new SDK.

Hirai said this policy could change, with his firm “in discussions with non-Sony companies to bring them on board, as quoted by Engadget.

The PlayStation Suite development kit will begin its global launch in November with a ‘beta release’, a Sony executive has said.