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Sony Studios Have Begun PlayStation 4 Projects

We’ve heard lots of rumors surface of the possibility of successors for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 coming out within a couple of years. Recently, there has been news about the preliminary development and work on PlayStation 4 titles from Sony’s internal studios.

A report from Develop indicated that Sony is beginning to allocate software for their yet unannounced successor to the PS3.

The projects in development are at an extremely early stage though, but Develop suggests that the possibility of multiple developers entering production is quite viable if approved by Sony.

Sony, obviously, has not commented or stated anything on this behalf.

However, Sony has generally maintained its goal of making their current-generation PS3 have a ten-year lifespan, as stated during its launch. We can expect to see some early form of revelation of the PS4 by next year, but it is expected that the PS4 won’t come out till at least 2013.

PlayStation 3 was launched in 2006, and has a good rate of success despite some extreme multiple PSN hacking incidents. Nevertheless, we can safely say that there is ample time remaining before the retail PS4 is anywhere in the spotlight.