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Mass Effect 3 Singleplayer and Multiplayer Demo Announced

Celebrate next year with Mass Effect 3 as EA confirms singleplayer and multiplayer demo in January. It is an opportunity to those who want to test most anticipated action RPG against their high-standards and a chance for everyone to decide if they want to buy the game.

Bioware has even released a FAQ, which outlines what you should expect from the promised demo of the game and details how you can get an early access to the limited multiplayer portion. Highlights below!

Mass Effect 3 demo will be released in all regions. Multiplayer portion of the demo will be limited to those with a copy of Battlefield 3 on any platform. They will get an online pass and which will get them access to the multiplayer part, when the demo is released. No code required – if you are a Battlefield 3 owner, online pass will be automatically applied to your EA account (Origin).

EA will announce the exact release date of the demo in November. If you don’t plan to buy Battlefield 3, EA has another program for you guys, which will be detailed in December.

To reduce the ambiguity, EA will release a tool which will enable you to check if you got the Mass Effect 3 early multiplayer access or not. You will just need to put your EA account details.

Though, multiplayer part of the demo will be limited, all players will be given access to the singleplayer part of the demo. So in any case, you will be playing Mass Effect 3 in January, 2012. That is, if you want to.