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Batman Arkham City Boss Strategy Guide

Probably the most difficult task in Arkham City is to defeat the Villains and they are many. Batman Arkham City boss fights are challenging because of the diverse set of skills they have. Strategies you can use against Solomon Grundy won’t work against Mr. Freeze, and same can be said for all the remaining boss fights. This guide will walk you through different tactics you can use against these Villains and successfully defeat them.

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Batman Arkham City Boss Strategy

Know how to fight every Villain in Batman Arkham City.

Solomon Grundy

He is a super natural giant zombie hired by Penguin to kill you. You can weak him by destroying the generators because all the damage you do to him gets healed by electric shocks. So, first you need to get rid of the source of these electric shocks. Use your bat mines and detonate these generators. This will weaken Solomon Grundy and give an opportunity to deal maximum damage.

You will need to destroy generators a couple of times since The Penguin will have few back up generators, which he will use, every time you destroy the generators. Be careful when generators reboot, as Solomon Grundy becomes more powerful and deadly when the generators reboot.

Keep destroying these generators and counter Grundy’s attacks. When you have destroyed the generators, attack Grundy with everything you have, and you should come out successful.

The Penguin

Once you have defeated his pet, he will attack you but he is easy. You should strike him few times and follow-up with a quick combo to defeat him.

Ra’s al Ghul

Strangely difficult boss – because fighting in his realm will distort your Batman senses and you may struggle to get hold of yourself. It will be difficult to fight under these circumstances but keep your focus. First, you will encounter his sand assassins. Dodge their blades and follow with a strong combo counter to defeat them.

Once you have defeated sand assassins, Ra’s will appear in the center of the map. First dodge his giant swords and ninja stars then follow-up with an REC. If you want to win, quickly dodge his attacks – because if you get hit by his attacks, it will leave you vulnerable to his next attack and it will become increasingly difficult to recover.

After a brief encounter with him, you will face the sand ninjas again. Follow the same strategy to get rid of them. Keep an eye on Ra’s as he teleports to attack you. After that incident, he will again take more central role in the fight. This time, he has more protection so you need to time your REC accurately. Keep countering his attacks and when you get the chance, use your reverse Batarang to defeat him.

Mr. Freeze

You will need all your stealth skills against Mr. Freeze because he is too strong to be taken out directly. Another interesting aspect of this boss fight is that Mr. Freeze will anticipate your strategy and block off locations when you try to sneak up on him. So, you need to be smart to take him out and use locations strategically to defeat him.

Start off by hiding within the grates and pop out with an underground take down. Or you can take the high route and bounce on Mr. Freeze from the upper banisters.

If these don’t work, you can use sneak back attack and if that doesn’t work, you can destroy one of the sculptors of Nora to distract him. Though this stunt will make him more protective rather than being vulnerable.

Mr. Freeze is vulnerable to electric shocks and there are two places, you can use to get electrocute Mr. Freeze. First, wait for him to stand near a generator and then use REC blast. Second, there is a pool of water in the center, but you need to lure him out to pull this off. Once he is out, electrocute him.

It would be a tough fight but after few sneaky take downs and electric shocks, he will come back to his senses and reward you with Freeze Blast Grenade for helping him, one way or another.

The Joker

Joker is never alone, so expect resistance from Mr. Hammer and Titan. Joker is a tough fighter himself, so your strategy should be to get rid of Mr. Hammer (one of Abramovici Twins), and Titan mutant.

Distract Mr. Hammer with REC blast – it will also damage anyone close to him. Soon the bodies will start stacking and if you are not quick enough, one of these will be yours. Joker Clowns attack in swarms and if that wasn’t enough, there are fun house cars.

You can take control of the Titan to take control of this fight. Clear enough space around him and follow-up with an ultra stun. Pounce on his back and walk through the opposition.

During the fight, Joker will throw boxes and knives toward you. He is a big distraction as well as threat when you are dealing with his pets. You can fire a freeze blast on Joker when he becomes a nuisance. Once you have defeated Mr. Hammer and Titan, give Joker a taste of your new combos.


If you are quick enough, you can easily evade and dodge whatever Clayface throws at you. Use your Freeze Blast as the primary damage dealing weapon, and when Clayface is down, use Ra’s sword to finish Clayface.

What ? he didn’t die, that’s right. Joker has a last laugh here but let’s just keep our focus on the fight. Every time you cut down Clayface, he rises from his puddle.

To get rid of him, freeze him. Use a freeze grenade and freeze Clayface but every time you freeze Clayface, you will need to destroy a larger wave of goo soliders. Once you have defeated them, toss a large ice bomb to have the final say in Arkham City.

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