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Batman Arkham City Side Missions Guide

Batman Arkham City has 12 side missions that you can take during the campaign (Walkthrough). They are optional and have no affect on the main story so if you aren’t up for it, don’t bother but if you want to interact and unlock special gadget upgrades, you should complete these side missions.

Unlocking upgrades especially will help you complete all the challenge rooms which will otherwise be impossible. The maps created by Xx Overkill VR will point you in the right direction to complete the most difficult side missions.

Batman Arkham City Side Missions

Augmented Reality Training
You can take it before your first trip to the Steel Mill or later during the campaign. To complete the side mission, you need to complete two sets of gliding exercises in the Industrial District. When you complete it successfully, you get Grapnel Boost Upgrade and Batwing Trophy.

Remote Hideaway
You can take it after interrogating Mayor Quincy Sharp. Your mission is to talk to the undercover Police in the Museum’s Iceberg Lounge. When you complete the mission, you will be rewarded Mine Detonator Upgrade.

Hot & Cold
You can take this mission during your second visit to the steel mill. Your mission is to search the Boiler Room for a new gadget. When you find it, you will be rewarded Freeze Blast Grenades. Talk to the tied-up Harley Quinn to start this mission. You will assign you to reach Boiler room. To get there, you need to use REC to open the east door in the Loading Bay, hack a console in the next room, and finally follow the path to reach the Boiler Room. Clear out the enemies guarding the path, and inside, you will find Freeze Blast Grenades.

Arkham Assault
You can take this side mission through Arkham City at various locations. Usually the goal is to save prisoners and hostages. No reward for completing this side mission. Save these people and you will automatically complete the side mission.

Fragile Alliance
You can take it after the events of the courthouse, when you enter Arkham City for the first time. Your mission is simple, destroy six titan containers throughout the city. You will be rewarded Bane Trophy when you complete this side mission.

Go to the GCPD building where a signal flare has been set off at the Krank Co. Toys building. You can easily spot the flare. Enter through the doors and talk to Bane. He will ask you to destroy the six containers that are marked on your map. You will need explosive gel to destroy these containers.

Titan Container #1
Near the Museum. Get rid of the thugs guarding it, and destroy the container.

Titan Container #2
Near Steel Mill. Do the same!

Titan Container #3
You will come across it during your first visit to Subway Station.

Titan Container #4
After you have frozen Mr. Freeze, look for it in the Penguin’s War Room in his Museum.

Titan Container #5
When you are after the Ninja Underground, you will come across it. It can be found at the base of the Wonder Tower.

Titan Container #6
When you return to Joker’s HQ to get the Titan Formula cure, you will come across this container. It is near the back door entrance.

Once you have destroyed all the Titan Containers, talk to Bane and defeat the enemies that attack to complete the side mission.

Through the Looking Glass
You can take this side mission after rescuing Vicky Valve. Your mission is to find and use the cure for Titan Formula. You will be rewarded Mad Hatter Trophy.

Once you have rescued Vicki Vale from sniper, you will receive a message from Alfred that the cure has been delivered. Go to pick up the cure but you will find that it’s a trap. Defeat the thugs and force Mad Hatter to escape to complete this side mission.

Heart of Ice
You can take this side mission before your second trip to the Steel Mill. Your mission is to find Mr Freeze’s Wife, Nora. You will get Mr Freeze Trophy when you find her.

Go to GCPD building and talk to Mr. Freeze. He will ask you to find his wife Nora, who has been kidnapped by Joker’s thugs. He will also give you the location where she has been held – inside the building along the shoreline of the Industrial District.

Take the boat and go toward the docks. You will see a destructible wall in one of the buildings here. Use your freeze blast to create a block of ice and stand on it. Use the Batclaw to pull yourself to the destructible wall. Now place some explosive gel to destroy the wall.

Once inside the building, defeat the thugs and save Nora. Return to Mr. Freeze and talk to him to complete the mission.

Cold Call Killer
You can take this side mission when you have unlocked all the areas of Arkham City. Your mission is to find and take down Zsasz. You will get Zsasz trophy when you complete this mission.

Most of these pay phone calls are random. So start by picking up any ringing bell and then race to what the caller demands – usually another ringing phone.

Track the location of the killer and go there to complete this side mission. Tracking his location won’t be easy, it may require a dozen or so tries before you will finally have his location.

Enigma Conundrum
You can take this mission after getting the distress call from the medical team. Your goal is to save the hostages from Riddler. You will get Riddler Trophy when you complete this mission.

Your goal is to discover many hidden Riddler trophies throughout Arkham City. Finding these trophies will activate the riddle that you must solve to save these hostages. You can find Riddler Trophies Locations in our collectibles guide.

You can save the first hostage in the Courthouse. When you save him, you will learn that Riddler has a wide network of informants everywhere in Arkham City. They are highlighted on your map in green and interrogating them will lead you to many undiscovered trophies.

This is any easy way, if you don’t want to get caught up finding plethora of trophies hidden throughout Arkham City. They will lead you to the trophy location and you collect the trophy, simple.

Each of the riddle that you find, leads to a hideout, which are complicated to say the least. Last three hideouts require Line Launcher so make sure you have it before you go there. Clear all five hideouts to get your revenge against the Riddler.

Mystery Stalker – Watcher in the Wings
You can take this side mission once you have unlocked all of Arkham City. Your mission is to find and interact with Azrael. You will get Azrael trophy when you complete this mission.

You will spot this guy, silently monitoring you from the rooftops. To complete this side mission, you need to find four symbols that will lead you to this Mystery Stalker. Trick is to find them in sequence.

Symbol #1
South of the courthouse, on the rooftop above the courthouse plaza.

Symbol #2
On top of the Ferris Wheel in the Industrial District. You will find only after you have visited Joker’s Steel Mill.

Symbol #3
Rooftop northwest of The Bowery. You can get access to it only after you have rescued Mayor Sharp.

Symbol #4
On the rooftop, west of GCPD. It can only be accessed after you have saved Vicki Vale.

Align these symbols to solve the puzzle. Scan the fifth symbol and complete this side mission. For more help, read the map below!

Batman Arkham City

Shot in the Dark – Deadshot
You can take after the first time you complete the Steel Mill. Your mission is to find and take down the sniper. When you complete this mission, you will get Deadshot Trophy.

You need to investigate three murders. First one is marked on your map, scan the scene and get some insight about the murderer. After you have played some game, you will hear a gunshot of the second murder.

You will find the body on the highway. Scan and follow the path for more clues. Last murder will occur west of the chest. Scan the body and the surrounding area to gather the final clues you need to wrap up the case.

Batman Arkham City

Identity Thief
You can take this mission after the Museum when you leave the subway for the first time. Your mission is to gather evidence and face the serial killer. You will get Hush Trophy when you complete this side mission. To find the Identity Thief, you will need to look at three bodies that he has left of the people he murdered.

Scanning these bodies will lead you to the culprit. First body will appear on your map, in an alley. Easy! scan it to gather the clues and follow the path.

Second is an alley near ACE Chemicals. Scan it and continue. Third body can be found south of ACE Chemicals, scan it and follow the trail, that will lead you to the hideout of Identity Thief. For more help, read the map!

Batman Arkham City

Know any better way to complete these side missions? share in the comments below!