Batman Arkham City Comes To Store For Consoles, But PC Gamers Will Have To Wait

The final release dates for Batman: Arkham City have been announced by Warner Bros., and PC gamers will have to endure yet another delay, as the sequel to Arkham Asylum hits consoles today in North America and on 21st in Europe, and nearly a month afterwards for the PC.

That’s right; the PC version will be released way ahead on November 18th. By that time your console buddies will have finished the game in every perspective.

There was no real reason given for this delay, but Warner Bros. did release some new screenshots for the game. Well, at least we PC gamers have the screenshots to stare at till next month. For now, I’ll just sigh and shift my focus to Battlefield 3’s release.

If you are in North America and got your copy on consoles, refer to our Walkthrough for help.