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The Amazing Spider-Man Video Game Announced

Another film tie-in, but hopefully this time, and I mean it when I say, it won’t suck. Under supervision of Activision, Beenox is developing Amazing Spiderman Video Game which will be released along the movie.

The teaser of the game was shown at NYCC and watching that in-game footage gave me hope that some day Spider-Man can be as cool as Batman in video games.

Bad quality because it’s a leaked footage. I am hoping you will settle for this at the moment – Don’t judge it just yet.

Beenox didn’t go into details, but did say that they are bringing Spider-Man back to New York City, with its own story set in the movie universe, and it includes features that will make players feel like they are Spider-Man.

That’s a big ask, but that’s what it will take to make it as good as the high-flying Batman games these days. We aren’t sure about the new features and can’t confirm if it will be an open World game but soon, we will have more details about this game.

Stay Tuned!