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PS3 Getting A New Keyboard And Mouse Controller In November

When it comes to first person shooters or strategy games, PC is preferred over consoles for being more precise and sensitive.To bring the same feel on PS3 (which is probably not possible), Sony will be releasing a mouse and keyboard peripheral in the first week of November.

Destructoid reports that the device has been given a US release date of November 1st and will retail for $99. Licensed by Sony Computer Entertainment, HORI will be manufacturing the so-called Tactical Assault Commander 3 peripheral set, which sells for ¥9800, or US$127.

The Tactical Commander 3 consists of an optical right-handed mouse and a keypad for the left hand with WASD-style keys. The pad also includes an easy-access D-Pad comes attached with a palm rest.

We are all aware of the pre existing PS3 mouse and keyboards, so what good these expensive peripherals are going to do is still questionable. Are you going to give it a shot or contented with the hardware you already own?