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New Gameplay Elements and Locations of Skyward Sword

New details have been released about the magical world of Nintendo’s upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The details reveal new areas and interesting in-game elements that will even further captivate those already captivated by the soon-to-come RPG game. Here are the new revealed features:

Lake Floria and Parella Tribe: The Lake Floria is an undiscovered part of the Faron Woods, and is inhabited by squid-like creatures called the Parella, a new species in the Zelda world. The Faron Woods has the unique ability of drastically changing its features every time you re-visit. You can expect yourself to change your exploring methods whenever you decide to enter the Faron Woods again.

Fun Fun Island: One of the other new areas in the Zelda universe is the Fun Fun Island. This is an island inhabited by a lone person, and as the name suggests, is potentially a very fun place for Link. However, before he can enjoy his time here, Link must fulfill the requests of this inhabitant.

Insects and Potions: As Link travels back and forth between Skyloft and the surface, he can collect bugs in the various areas he visits. These insects can be used to infuse new ingredients into the variety of potions available at the bazaar in Skyloft. These ingredients give the potions powerful new effects.

Swimming: Lake Floria and other regions will require Link to be able to swim. This is where the gestures and motion control of the Wii Remote Plus comes into play. Players will need to make intuitive gestures for Link to swim in the depths of the waters.

Whip: We’ve all heard of Link’s nifty slingshot, but the whip is another equally useful equipment in Skyward Sword. The whip is controlled with the Wii controller, and can be lashed at enemies, or used to grab items. Like the slingshot, it is very essential for solving certain environmental puzzles. Link’s items can be selected in real-time without pausing the game when he is on the ground, making it easier to switch between a sword and other item.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is coming to the Wii on November 20th this year.