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Halo: Anniversary – Kinect Features Detailed

We expected that Kinect would have some role in the upcoming Halo game, and our expectations were quite correct as 343 Industries detailed how Kinect features will be integrated into the re-fabrication of the original Halo: Combat Evolved.

The features can be categorized into three: Analyze Mode, The Library and Voice Commands.

Analyze Mode: Analyze Mode will let you scan different objects in the Halo world in singleplayer, storing data about the specific item in a ‘Library’. Currently various vehicles, characters, enemies and weapons are confirmed. The feature is initiated by saying ‘scan’ and shifting your reticule on an item. The item will then be scanned and the data will be stored in the Library index, which will grow in a collectable-styled fashion.

The Library: The Library itself is an index of sort which stores data of every item that has been scanned in the singeplayer. You can search the Library content and read it via gestures controls.

Voice Commands: Voice commands will allow you to execute different active commands, such as throwing grenades, reloading, switching between classic and re-mastered graphics.

Additionally, Microsoft also stated that the Kinect features will not affect the overall experience and gameplay of the game. It is only an additive feature, though the hands-free reloading and grenade-throwing suggests otherwise.

Halo: Anniversary will be available November 15, 2011.