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Xbox Live Accounts Compromised – Microsoft Is Looking Into The Issue

How awesome would it be if all games were freeware? At least then there would have been something that you didn’t have to snatch or hack. Over last few weeks a number of Xbox LIVE members are questioning the security of there accounts. Ars Technica has received a number of reports from Xbox Live customers complaining about hacked accounts, unauthorized purchases, and a slow response from Microsoft itself.

The pattern is weirdly specific: gamers noticed that unauthorized purchases have been made using their credit card information or existing points, and FIFA Soccer 11 or 12 has been played on their account.

Whether Xbox LIVE is completely compromised still seems to be an improbable conclusion. Anyways, Microsoft is trying to tackle and resolve the unauthorized purchases from the hacked accounts.

So if you find anything mischievous going around with your account, then you better hurry up and inform Microsoft, before you loose your wealth.

Microsoft sent the following statement to ars technica about the Issue:

We do not have any evidence the Xbox LIVE service has been compromised. We take the security of our service seriously and work on an ongoing basis to improve it against evolving threats. However, a limited number of members have contacted us regarding unauthorized access to their accounts by outside individuals. We are working with our impacted members directly to resolve any unauthorized changes to their accounts. As always, we highly recommend our members follow the Xbox LIVE Account Security guidance provided at to protect your account

See, there is nothing to be worried about. Well, at-least for now.