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Mass Effect 3 To Get Online Pass For Multiplayer

EA won’t let you step in the Galaxy at War until you buy the damn game or pay for online pass. I believe some of you must be having some doubts, but you don’t need to worry much.

New buyers will find their codes in the box. Feeling charitable enough to set yours aside for pre-owned buyers? We somehow doubt it. Since the multiplayer mode is optional, you can experience the game in single player mode with very minor differences. However, if you have the code you will be able to get max out of it.

Galaxy at War ties in with the BioWare Social Network, Facebook and iPhone devices, and takes the form of a standalone four-player blast-fest with a strategic element.

Completing side missions and plot points in single player will earn you a currency called ‘war assets’ which enables you to ‘buy’ allies, fleets and other support options to aid you in the fight against the Reapers.

Completing all or most of the content in single player will net you enough war assets to save the galaxy, but you can also earn them by playing the multiplayer mode.

You’ll be able to play as races and classes from the Mass Effect universe, with Drell (aka: Thane’s race from Mass Effect 2) joining the previously announced Asari, Krogan and Turian options.

Solider, Infiltrator, Sentinel and Engineer classes were also revealed, with more to follow. It seems likely that the other single player classes, Vanguard and Adept, will appear, although they may play differently in multiplayer. Each race and class will have special abilities, such as the Krogan’s charge attack.

You can level your characters up to level 20 in multiplayer mode, with each class levelling separately. You’ll also be able to upgrade your armour and weaponry, and will be able to choose which powers and weapons to take with you before the action starts.

There’s no word yet on the extent of character customization, although you will be able to choose your gender (unless you’re an Asari, presumably). I don’t know about you, but for me, Mass Effect 3 is becoming interesting every day.