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How To Cheat Death in Dark Souls

You can’t cheat death in life but you can in Dark Souls though it may sound like a far cry. The exploit isn’t safe and can result in corruption of your save data. So try this at your own risk.

Let’s go through what happens when you die in Dark Souls. You respawn at your last visited bonfire and all the enemies that you killed before dying respawn with you. So, what if you could find a way not to respawn at your bonfire and still continue the game ? This way you will keep your progress at that location intact and don’t have to kill all the enemies/bosses again.

Yes, it is possible but is a risky task as I have already explained in the introduction. When you die, your screen fades to black after the words ‘You Died’ are displayed.

You can cheat death by hitting the ‘PS’ or Xbox Guide’ button and choosing ‘Quit Game’. Reload your saved date and you will find yourself back at the exact location you died with full health and all the enemies still dead. Grab your bloodstain from nearby to regain your souls and continue.

The most important benefit of this exploit is that it allows your character to respawn with full health while retaining the damage done to a boss and keeps track of the enemies you killed but, it can be pricey. Imagine corrupting your saved data and having to start from the beginning. Scary, isn’t it ?

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