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Warhammer 40000: Space Marine Perks Guide

Choose your favorite class and unlock its class and tactical weapon perks to unleash hell on your enemies/Orks. These perks enhance your and your weapon’s effectiveness against enemies. Knowing what they do and how can you unlock them is important if you are to jump in to Space Marine multiplayer.

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Space Marine Class Perks

Unlocked by gaining XP.

Ammunition Stores: Ammunition 2x.
Master-Crafted Wargear: Increases the ability of Grenades.
Artificer Armor: The delay time for Armor regenerating is reduced.
Air-Cooled Thrusters: The time between the Jump Pack recharge is increased.
True Grit: Hold the bolt pistol one-handed.
Blast Off: Engine Exhaust will now be harmful.
Death from Above: damage of ground pounding is increased.
Fast Stomp: Stomp speed is increased.
Favor of the Armory: Special equipment capacity is increased.
Feel no Pain: Resistance to close combat and explosive increased.
Final Vengeance: The Jump Pack explodes after your death.
Furious Charge: Increased damage of charges.
Furious Stump: Stomp’s damage/area increased.
Impenetrable: resistance towards ranged weapons is increased (30 percent).
Iron Halo: Armor increased.
Larraman’s Blessing: Health regeneration speed increased.
Master-crafted War Gear: Combat Stims and Grenades are improved.
Rapid Deployment: The time to re-spawn is reduced.
Reactive Blasts: Damage the near-by enemies by a wave when your armor is broken down.
Serrated Combat Blade: Close Combats damage increased.
Signum Link: Enemies are seen more clearly.
Sure Strike: Effectiveness of the interrupt attacks is increased.
Tactical Readout: Armor and Health Bars are now shown on the enemies.
Teleport Homer: If you’re alive then the allies can spawn next to you.
Weapon Versatility: Now you can equip another weapon.

Space Marine Tactical Weapon Perks

You Unlock tactical perks by completing different challenges.

Vengeance Projectiles
Advantage: Now the launcher can have more than one active charges at a time.

Vengeance Pay Load
Advantage: Vengeance Launcher carries more charges.

Swordman’s Zeal
Unlock: Kill 50 enemies
Advantage: Health is increased with every hit strike of the sword

Stalker Ammo Reserves
Advantage: Ammunition Stores for the Stalker Bolter and Daemon Eye Bolter are increased.

Rapid Fire Reload
Advantage: Storm Bolter & Twin Bolter have increased reading speed

Power Swordsmans Zeal
Unlock: Kill 50 enemies
Advantage: You get some health with every strike of the Power Sword.

Plasma Heat Sink (Plasma Pistol)
Unlock: Kill 30 enemies
Advantage: The gun generates less heat and cools down more quickly

Plasma Heat Sink (Plasma Cannon)
Unlock: Kill 50 enemies
Advantage: Low heat per shot

Lascannon Stablizers
Unlock: Kill 30 enemies (extreme range)
Advantage: Handling Improved (Lascannon)

Lascannon Capacitors
Unlock: Kill 50 enemies
Advantage: Capacitor Improved.

Kraken Bolts
Unlock: Kill 50 enemies
Advantage: Bolter damage increased

Killing Blow
Unlock: Take out 50 enemies
Advantage: A single blow will kill the enemy (Thunder Hammer & Daemon Maul)

Improved Plasma Charge (Plasma Cannon)
Advantage: The time for firing a charged shot is decreased.

Improved Plasma Charge (Plasma Cannon)
Unlock: 16 multi kills
Advantage: The time for firing a charged shot is decreased.

Improved Melta Charge
Unlock: Kill a total of 50 enemies
Advantage: The gun’s chamber is recharged more quickly, increased fire rate (Melta Gun)

Heavy Bolter Expertise
Unlock: Kill 50 enemies
Advantage: Braced stance takes less time to be switched. (Heavy bolter)

Heavy Bolter Coolant
Unlock: Perform 30 kill streaks
Advantage: The heating of the Heavy Bolter is decreased

Enlarged Plasma Chamber
Unlock: Tactical
Advantage: Plasma Gun’s capacity increased

Bolt Pistol Magazine
Unlock: Kill 30 enemies
Advantage: Magazine capacity increased (bolt pistol)

Axemans Zeal
Unlock: Kill 50 enemies
Advantage: Regain health with respect to the strikes done (Power Axe and Chain Axe)

Additional Melta Fuel
Unlock: Do a total of 16 multi-kills
Advantage: +fuel capacity (melta gun)

Bolter Targeter
Unlock: Have 30 kill streaks
Advantage: The accuracy of the Bolter is increased.

Kraken Bolts
Unlock: Kill a total 50 enemies
Upgrade: Bolter’s damage is increased, also the ability of piercing through enemy armor.

Burst Fire
Unlock: 15 Headshots
Advantage: The weapons Stalker Bolter and the Daemon Eye Bolter will now shoot a burst of two rounds.

Improved Twin-Link
Unlock: Have 30 kill streaks
Advantage: The hip-fire handling of the Storm Bolter and Twin Bolter is increased.