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FIFA Street 4 Will Be Authentic And More Believable

FIFA Street 4 is coming out early next year, and though it’s a sequel to the not so brightly claimed FIFA Street 3, the developers warn that it should not be treated as a ‘direct’ sequel to its predecessor.

Lead gameplay producer Gary Patterson, while speaking to The Official Xbox Magazine, stated that FIFA Street 4 shouldn’t be considered as a conventional continuation of the series. What soccer fans wish is authenticity, and that is the primary focus in FIFA Street 4.

It’s all about authenticity. One of the things we’ve learned from our research is that FIFA gamers want authentic sports. They want to fulfil their footballing ambitions, and to do that you need a game that’s realistic.

This means realistic gameplay mechanics, a more believe street-soccer experience, and far better opponents, with good enough controls to over-come them.

If you’ve watched street football on YouTube, it’s in a very enclosed space, stated Patterson. So it’s all about expressing yourself.

This realistic approach and aim for authenticity also means that the cartoonish feel and style of the game has been changed; and more believable content – such as enclosed cramped space to play, have been added to give a better feel.

Patterson also hinted of a possible five-versus-five multiplayer mode, but no clear confirmation has been made of that. Let’s hope Patterson succeeds in making FIFA Street 4 a street-soccer game that is truly as authentic and ground-breaking as he promises.