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Ace Combat Assault Horizon Aircrafts Guide

Piloting a combat aircraft may sound cool, but it requires a great deal of knowledge and training to complete the tasks assigned. Ace Combat Assault Horizon is not arcade air combat game, you will need practice and training before you will become master pilot.

That said, nothing beats knowing your aircraft’s strengths and capabilities before you jump into the battlefield with it and that is why, we have this guide.


These aircrafts have air-to-air and air-to-ground capabilities.

F-22A Raptor
The F22 Raptor is no doubt one of the most deadly Aircrafts of the Ace Combat sequels; maybe that is why it is always shown on the covers. It has a variety of special weapons and is probably the best fighter aircraft.

  • Speed: 78
  • Air-to-Air: 54
  • Air-to-Ground: 84
  • Mobility: 84
  • Stability: 78
  • Defense: 66

F-15C Eagle
The F-15C provides extreme maneuverability and it can be used under any weather. You won’t lose control over it as this aircraft is a fine stable one.  Although, this series is one step behind the F22 Raptors.

  • Speed: 83
  • Mobility: 54
  • Stability: 61
  • Defense: 60
  • Air-to-Air: 73
  • Air-to-Ground: 37

F-16C Fighting Falcon
Featured in many Ace Combat games, this aircraft comes back with upgraded components. It can engage Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground as well.

  • Speed: 69
  • ATA: 60
  • ATG: 15
  • Mobility: 45
  • Stability: 39
  • Defense: 42

F-14D Super Tomcat
The final variation of the Tomcat series, this was first introduced in AC 5. SAAM,GPB and NPB are few of its special weapons.

  • Speed: 84
  • Air-to-Air: 75
  • Air-to-Ground: 24
  • Mobility: 54
  • Stability: 48
  • Defense: 54

MiG-21bis Fishbed
These are the popular babies. It’s known for its high-speed and low-cost. The special weapons are ECMP,LASM,QAAM,RCL,SAAM and UGB.

  • Speed: 73
  • Defense: 42
  • Mobility: 35
  • Stability: 29
  • Air-to-Air: 22
  • Air-to-Ground: 47

MiG-29A Fulcrum
Twin-Engines (FAST) and very reliable aircraft. The standard weapons include the R60MK and the special weapons have RCL,SAAM,UGBS etc.

  • Speed: 75
  • ATA: 66
  • ATG: 18
  • Mob: 39
  • Stab: 36
  • Def: 39

Sukhoi PAK FA
As the name speaks, it’s made by the Sukhoi and is a 5th generation Aircraft. You may call it the successor to the MIG 29.

Su-33 Flanker-D
The Sea Flanker by Sukhoi.

It is the successor to the SU-35, and is a multi-role fighter. The special weapons include 6AAM, QAAM.

Su-47 Berkut
Stable air to air and ground combat aircraft. It’s specialty is air to air combat. Special weapons are BDSP, NPB,QAAM,SAAM,SFFS etc.

  • Speed: 70
  • Mobility: 92
  • Stability: 75
  • Defense: 66
  • Air-to-Air: 96
  • Air-to-Ground: 59

EF-2000 Typhoon
A good-looking Aircraft, developed in Europe. It dominates the air and is good at turns. The standard weapons are the AIM-9M and the AIM 9X.

  • Speed: 84
  • Air-to-Air: 90
  • Air-to-Ground: 42
  • Mobility: 78
  • Stability: 62
  • Defense: 60

MiG-31 Foxhound
The successor to the Mig 25, its speed has been decreased for the greater good and is an all-weather interceptor. It has LGWM,HACM,STDM,UGBL etc.

  • Speed: 99
  • Air-to-Air: 75
  • Air-to-Ground: 18
  • Mobility: 42
  • Stability: 39
  • Defense: 75


These aircrafts only have the Air Strike Mode.

F-117A Nighthawk
Its speed and maneuverability may be limited but this is one of your most vital and the best ground-attacking Aircrafts. Its stealth ability surpasses enemy radars and she can engage targets from a very far range.

  • Speed: 39
  • Mobility: 38
  • Stability: 81
  • Defense: 75
  • Air-to-Air: 39
  • Air-to-Ground: 91

Su-24MP Fencer-F
This aircraft is built by the Soviet ELINT. It is the upgraded version of the SU-24 and is a new edition to the Assault Horizon.

A-10A Thunderbolt II
The thunderbolt II is a simple and an effective aircraft. It has a couple of engines and a decent look, but it’s very effective against the ground targets.

  • Speed: 39
  • Mobility: 34
  • Stability: 65
  • Defense: 94
  • Air-to-Air: 17
  • Air-to-Ground: 74

F-2A Viper Zero
The Viper Zero is a derivative to the F-16C/D Falcon.

  • Speed: 66
  • Air-to-Air: 72
  • Air-to-Ground: 42
  • Mobility: 60
  • Stability: 72
  • Defense: 63

Su-32 Strike Flanker
This can be used against Air, Navy and ground units. The SU-32 is a very tactical fighter and can be used in any environment. It can even engage the mobile targets.

  • Speed: 63
  • Mobility: 67
  • Stability: 79
  • Defense: 78
  • Air-to-Air: 51
  • Air-to-Ground: 96

Su-25TM Frogfoot
Frogfoot is the main attacker aircraft of the Assault Horizon, the TM version is the refined version of the simple SU-25.

Multirole Fighters

The Multirole Fighters have both the DFM – Dogfight Mode and the ASM- Air Strike mode.

F-15E Strike Eagle
The replacement of the F-111 Aardvark, it was on the cover of Fire of Liberation and is the only F-15 series aircraft to have a multirole. The special weapons are such as UGB,UGBL,GPB,SAAM,XAGM,XMAA etc.

  • Speed: 84
  • Air-to-Air: 75
  • Air-to-Ground: 42
  • Mobility: 57
  • Stability: 75
  • Defense: 69

F/A-18F Super Hornet
The FA-18F is a two seater, whereas the FA 18E had only one. It replaced the old F-14 Tomcats and has new technological updates. The special weapons are ECMP,SAAM,SOD,XAGM.

F-16F Fighting Falcon
This jet is newly introduced to the Assault Horizon. It is believed to be a one seater.

F-35B Lightning II
The F-35B Lightning 2 is a stealth fighter, made by the Lockhead Martin. The RAF is planning to replace their GR7s with this. This is also newly added the Ace Combat Series.

JAS-39C Gripen
This is a multi-role combat aircraft in the production. The SAF have about 115 units already manufactured. It has ECMB,RCL,SOD,XLAA and the standard AIM 9m sidewinders.

  • Speed: 85
  • Air-to-Air: 81
  • Air-to-Ground: 42
  • Mobility: 66
  • Stability: 66
  • Defense: 57

Rafale M
Jet fighter with a capability to complete a variety of missions. Special weapons are LASM, SAAM,SOD etc. It can carry the nuclear weapons too.

  • Speed: 72
  • Air-to-Air: 78
  • Air-to-Ground: 30
  • Mobility: 69
  • Stability: 63
  • Defense: 60

Mirage 2000-5
The successor of the Mirage III, this was further developed and is now a multi-role fighter. Its range of action is about 800nm. The Standard weapon is the R550 Magic II with the Defa Autocannons. (30mm)


AH-64D Apache Longbow
The successor to the old AH-64. It has few upgrades, glass cockpit, FCR and an improved radar system. The weapons include a 30mm chain gun, XAGM,AAM and RCLs.

Mi-24 Hind-D

MH-60 Black Hawk
The refined version of UH60, the U.S regiment known as Night stalkers uses it and is mostly used for special operations.