Rage Multiplayer Guide

Rage walks away from traditional modes of multiplayer combat and introduces a unique blend of arcade and cooperative fun with its multiplayer. It doesn’t feature team deathmatch, capture the flag, and other classic multiplayer game modes.

It features racing, a lot of racing and unique cooperative missions that you can complete with a friend. There are two modes in Rage Multiplayer – Combat Rally and Legends of the Wasteland.

For more help on Rage, read our Collector Cards, Schematics/Recipes, Weapons, Tweak guide, and crashes troubleshooting guide.

Rage Multiplayer

Combat Rally

Get in your vehicle and battle it out with six opponents in an area. Your goal is to get rally points that show up around the area. You can either collect these rally points or kill your opponents to steal their rally points.

The vehicles you drive are equipped with weapons, hand brake, and boost to go past your opponents fast. You can also use air control to control your landings and jumps.

There are five different modes in Combat Rally, Road Rage, Triad Rally, Chain Rally, Meteor Rally and Carnage. The points you earn during these events can be used to upgrade your vehicles with better weapons and items.

You will get access to mines, chain gun, homing missile, and a pulse cannon as you play more of the Combat Rally. During Combat races try to balance out your agility and aggression.

If you are behind an opponent, let loose with rockets or bullet fire to take them off course. When you are in lead, place mines behind yourself and put up your shield to absorb the incoming damage. You have limited armor repairs, so make sure you have few spare for the final laps.

Game Modes

Deathmatch of vehicles like Death Race, if you have watched the movie.

  • Scoring: Player Kill +10 Points
  • Time Limit: 8 Minutes
  • Score Limit: 200 Points
  • Pick-Ups: Armor Recharge, Boost Recharge, Ammo Recharge, Quick Use Recharge, Quad Damage

Chain Rally
In this mode, you collect as many Rally Points as possible. More Rally Points you have collected, more are the chances of you winning the Rally.

  • Scoring: Rally Leader Kill +1, Rally Point Capture +2
  • Time Limit: 8 Minutes
  • Score Limit: 200 Points
  • Pick-Ups: N/A

Meteor Rally
Capture the flag type race in which you can collect multiple flags at one time.

  • Scoring: Square the number of meteor captured.
  • Time Limit: 8 Minutes
  • Score Limit: 200 Points
  • Pick-Ups: N/A

Triad Rally
There are three consecutive Rally Points that you need to capture to get capture points. Enemies will block your way, so you need to get through them to win the Rally.

  • Scoring: Triad Capture – +30, Player Kill – +5
  • Time Limit: 8 Minutes
  • Score Limit: 200 Points
  • Pick-Ups: N/A

Combat Vehicles

Dune Buster

  • Type: Buggy
  • The original Wasteland buggy.
  • Unlock: 0 XP

ID Software

  • Type: Buggy
  • Thank you for your support! Enjoy!
  • Unlock: 0 XP


  • Type: Buggy
  • The noxious bandit buggy.
  • Unlock: 200 XP

Uncle Sam

  • Type: Buggy
  • The Wasted Clan’s patriotic tribute buggy.
  • Unlock: 200 XP

Rusty’s Buggy

  • Type: Buggy
  • Rusty’s buggy is never without a spare part.
  • Unlock: 450 XP


  • Type: Buggy
  • The classic Scarab buggy.
  • Unlock: 450 XP

Grim Reaper

  • Type: Buggy
  • The buggy that signals death to your enemies.
  • Unlock: 800 XP


  • Type: Buggy
  • The bandit’s classic tribute buggy.
  • Unlock: 800 XP


  • Type: Cuprino
  • Good ol’ reliable, the original Cuprino.
  • Unlock: 1250 XP

Bash Buggy

  • Type: Buggy
  • The top prize Mutant Bash TV buggy.
  • Unlock: 1800 XP


  • Type: Cuprino
  • The mysterious Cuprino racer.
  • Unlock: 1800 XP


  • Type: Buggy
  • The Scorcher Clan’s Scarab buggy.
  • Unlock: 2450 XP

Stanley Express

  • Type: Buggy
  • The wasteland’s trusted Stanley Express buggy.
  • Unlock: 3200 XP


  • Type: Cuprino
  • The class 3 racing Cuprino.
  • Unlock: 3200 XP


  • Type: Buggy
  • The Ghost Clan’s death buggy.
  • Unlock: 4050 XP


  • Type: Monarch
  • The heavily fortified combat Monarch.
  • Unlock: 5000 XP

Rising Sun

  • Type: Buggy
  • The Wasted Clan’s eastern tribute buggy.
  • Unlock: 6050 XP

Union Jack

  • Type: Buggy
  • The Wasted Clan’s western tribute buggy.
  • Unlock: 6050 XP


  • Type: Buggy
  • The RoboCola sponsored racing buggy.
  • Unlock: 7200 XP


  • Type: Buggy
  • The Wasted Clan’s cross-country buggy.
  • Unlock: 8450 XP


  • Type: Cuprino
  • The deadly saw-toothed combat Cuprino.
  • Unlock: 8450 XP


  • Type: Buggy
  • The Scorcher Clan’s combat Scarab buggy.
  • Unlock: 9800 XP


  • Type: Monarch
  • The Fearsome veteran combat Cuprino.
  • Unlock: 11250 XP


  • Type: Buggy
  • The Ghost Clan’s modified Class 2 buggy.
  • Unlock: 12750 XP


  • Type: Cuprino
  • The renowned Scorpion racing Cuprino.
  • Unlock: 14400 XP


  • Type: Buggy
  • The Scorcher Clan’s infamous Phoenix buggy.
  • Unlock: 16150 XP


  • Type: Cuprino
  • Serving Wasteland justice one enemy at a time.
  • Unlock: 18000 XP


  • Type: Monarch
  • The Scorcher Clan’s Legendary Reaver Cuprino.
  • Unlock: 20000 XP

Combat Rally Pick-Ups

There are several Pick-Ups in Road Rage. The Pick-Ups are as follows:

Armor Recharge

  • Partially replenish your vehicle’s armor meter.

Boost Recharge

  • Completely replenish your boost meter.

Ammo Recharge

  • Increments your secondary weapon count by 5.

Quick Use Recharge

  • Fully replenish all quick use items.

Quad Damage

  • Your Primary and secondary weapons inflict quadruple damage. Lasts 20 seconds.

Primary Weapons

Machine Gun

  • The standard weapon of the Wasteland.
  • Unlock: 0 XP

Heavy Machine Gun

  • Does more damage than the Machine Gun.
  • Unlock: 200 XP


  • Short Range king.
  • Unlock: 2450 XP

Pulse Repeaters

  • Energy-based Machine Guns.
  • Unlock: 7200 XP

Pulse Cannon

  • A long-range, high-damage weapon with a slow rate of fire.
  • Unlock: 20000 XP

Secondary Weapons

Homing Missiles

  • Missiles that lock onto and follow enemies.
  • Unlock: 0 XP


  • No lock-on, but the Rocket has high explosive damage and doesn’t require a direct hit.
  • Unlock: 800 XP

Cluster Bomb

  • Drop a cluster of bombs behind your car to disrupt pursuing enemies.
  • Unlock: 4050 XP


  • Launch an explosive mortar shell at your enemies. Tap the fire button again to detonate it.
  • Unlock: 12750 XP

Quick Use Items (Left)


  • Protects your vehicle from incoming damage.
  • Unlock: 0 XP

Armor Restore

  • Perform instant repairs on your vehicle.
  • Unlock: 450 XP


  • Temporarily disables control of nearby enemy vehicles.
  • Unlock: 3200 XP

Boost Restore

  • Instantly restores your boost.
  • Unlock: 9800 XP

Quick Use Items (Right)


  • Drop this behind your car to damage enemies on your tail.
  • Unlock: 0 XP

Air Burst

  • Pushes your vehicle into the air for a quick jump.
  • Unlock: 1800 XP

Hover Turret

  • Deploy a Hover Turret to fire at enemy vehicles.
  • Unlock: 6050 XP

Escort Bomb

  • Deploy an RC Bomb Car to chase encroaching enemies.
  • Unlock: 16150 XP

Experience, Awards, Ranks and Unlockables

The list of experience points, rewards, ranks (level up) and unlockable in Combat Rally.

In-Match Awards

Double Kill

  • Kill 2 players in quick succession.

Triple Kill

  • Kill 3 players in quick succession.

Quad Kill

  • Kill 4 players in quick succession.


  • Kill 5 or more players in quick succession.


  • Kill the player that killed you last in your next life.

Air Mail

  • Kill an enemy while you are in mid-air.


  • Kill an enemy who is in mid-air.


  • Kill an enemy after your death.

Max Chain

  • Achieve the maximum rally score multiplier amount.

Chain Breaker

  • Take a rally point that would’ve been part of another player’s rally chain.


  • Kill an enemy just before they touch the rally point.

Close Call

  • Take a rally point right before the enemy touches it.

Air Rally

  • Take a rally point while in the air.


  • Complete a triad rally.

Triad Breaker

  • Take a rally point that would’ve been another player’s third consecutive (Triad).


  • Kill a player and take his meteors, and then score them for yourself.

End of Match Awards

1st Place Finish

  • Finish the match in 1st place.
  • Score: +50 XP

2nd Place Finish

  • Finish the match in 2nd place.
  • Score: +30 XP

3rd Place Finish

  • Finish the match in 3rd place.
  • Score: +10 XP

Most Kills

  • Finish the match with the most kills.
  • Score: +25 XP

Most Rally Points

  • Finish the match with the most rally point captures.
  • Score: +25 XP

Longest at Max Chain

  • Finish the match with the most time at max chain level (5x).
  • Score: +25 XP

Longest Chain

  • Finish the match with the longest chain.
  • Score: +25 XP

Most Chain Breakers

  • Finish the match with the most chain breakers.
  • Score: +25 XP

Most Special Kills

  • Finish the match with the most Special Kills.
  • Score: +25 XP

Longest Killstreak

  • Finish the match with the longest killstreak.
  • Score: +25 XP

Longest Life

  • Have the longest individual life of the match
  • Score: +25 XP

Most Miles Driven

  • Finish the match with the most miles driven.
  • Score: +25 XP

Highest K/D Ratio

  • Finish the match with the highest Kill/Death ratio.
  • Score: +25 XP

Most Leader Kills

  • Killing the score leader the most times during the match.
  • Score: +25 XP

Match Complete

  • Complete a Road RAGE match.
  • Score: +50 XP

Ranks and Unloackables

Level 1

  • XP: 0
  • Unlocks: Buggy, Dune Buster, id Software, Machine Guns, Homing Missiles, Shields, Mines.

Level 2

  • XP: 200
  • Unlocks: Toxic, Uncle Sam, Heavy Machine Guns.

Level 3

  • XP: 450
  • Unlocks: Rusty’s Buggy, Classic, Armor Restore.

Level: 4

  • XP: 800
  • Unlocks: Grim Reaper, Crush, Rockets.

Level 5

  • XP: 1250
  • Unlocks: Cuprino, Stallion, Custom Loadout 2.

Level 6

  • XP: 1800
  • Unlocks: Bash Buggy, Vortex, Air Burst.

Level 7

  • XP: 2450
  • Unlocks: Blaze, Nailspreader.

Level 8

  • XP: 3200
  • Unlocks: Stanley Express, Racer, EMP.

Level 9

  • XP: 4050
  • Unlocks: Phantom, Cluster Bomb.

Level 10

  • XP: 5000
  • Unlocks: Monarch, Tank, Custom Loadout 3.

Level 11

  • XP: 6050
  • Unlocks: Rising Sun, Union Jack, Hover Turret.

Level 12

  • XP: 7200
  • Unlocks: RoboCola, Pulse Repeaters.

Level 13

  • XP: 8450
  • Unlocks: Wastelander, Sawtooth.

Level 14

  • XP: 9800
  • Unlocks: Inferno, Boost Restore.

Level 15

  • XP: 11200
  • Unlocks: Starky, Custom Loadout 4.

Level 16

  • XP: 12750
  • Unlocks: Ghost, Mortar.

Level 17

  • XP: 14400
  • Unlocks: Scorpion.

Level 18

  • XP: 16150
  • Unlocks: Phoenix, Escort Bomb.

Level 19

  • XP: 18000
  • Unlocks: Patrol.

Level 20

  • XP: 20000
  • Unlocks: Reaver, Pulse Cannon, Custom Loadout 5.


It’s a circle with two plateaus in the middle.

Gearhead Valley
Half race track, half-open dirt.

A Meteor-shaped arena with three walls of junk in the middle of the circle

A wide-open map with various obstacles

Three Small Circles around a bigger, more central circle.

Southern Highway
One long stretch of Roadway with a bunch of winding dirt roads.

Legends of the Wasteland

Legends of the Wastelands offers two player co-op mission and consists of the side-quests related to the events that you will learn about as you play the singleplayer campaign.

The missions you have to complete to unlock this are:

  • Life in Prison
  • Season 1: Pilot
  • Water Service
  • Trophy Hunting
  • Rusty‚Äôs Resupply
  • Unwanted Guests
  • Extermination
  • Grab and Go
  • A New Toy

You can read the detailed walkthrough of these missions in our Rage Walkthrough.

Multiplayer Emblems

Complete list of Rage multiplayer emblems.


Play Multiplayer Or Complete Multiplayer
You own RAGE! Thanks for your support!

Level Emblems
There are 20 emblems for reaching Level 1 to Level 20 of Rage Multiplayer.

Combat Rally

10 Road Kills

  • Earn 10 kills in Road RAGE.

25 Road Kills

  • Earn 25 kills in Road RAGE.

50 Road Kills

  • Earn 50 kills in Road RAGE.

100 Road Kills

  • Earn 100 kills in Road RAGE.

10 Revenge Kills

  • Earn 10 Revenge kills in Road RAGE.

Afterlife Kill

  • Earn an Afterlife kill in Road RAGE.

Pull! Kill

  • Earn a Pull! kill in Road RAGE.

Air Mail

  • Earn an Air Mail kill in Road RAGE.


  • Picked up the most Recharge items in a match.


  • Fewest deaths in a match.

10 Triads

  • Get 10 Triads in Triad Rally.

25 Triads

  • Get 25 Triads in Triad Rally.

50 Triads

  • Get 50 Triads in Triad Rally.

100 Triads

  • Get 100 Triads in Triad Rally.

10 Triad Breakers

  • Get 10 Triad Breakers in Triad Rally.

25 Triad Breakers

  • Get 25 Triad Breakers in Triad Rally.

50 Triad Breakers

  • Get 50 Triad Breakers in Triad Rally.

100 Triad Breakers

  • Get 100 Triad Breakers in Triad Rally.

Long Distance Driver

  • Get Most Miles Driven awards.

10 Meteors

  • Collect 10 Meteors in Meteor Rally.

25 Meteors

  • Collect 25 Meteors in Meteor Rally.

50 Meteors

  • Collect 50 Meteors in Meteor Rally.

100 Meteors

  • Collect 100 Meteors in Meteor Rally.

10 Chain Breakers

  • Get 10 Chain Breakers in Chain Rally.

25 Chain Breakers

  • Get 25 Chain Breakers in Chain Rally.

50 Chain Breakers

  • Get 50 Chain Breakers in Chain Rally.

100 Chain Breakers

  • Get 100 Chain Breakers in Chain Rally.

Broken Chain

  • Get Most Chain Breakers award.

10 Max Chains

  • Get Max Chain 10 times in Chain Rally.

25 Max Chains

  • Get Max Chain 25 times in Chain Rally.

50 Max Chains

  • Get Max Chain 50 times in Chain Rally.

100 Max Chains

  • Get Max Chain 100 times in Chain Rally.

Grim Reaper

  • Get Most Kills award.

Most Rally Captures

  • Get Most Rally Captures award.

Longest Chain

  • Get Longest Chain award.

Most Special Kills

  • Get Most Special Kills award.

Longest Killstreak

  • Get Longest Killstreak award.

Longest Life

  • Get Longest Life award.

Most Meteors Collected

  • Get Most Meteors Collected award.

T-T-Triad Breaker

  • Get Most Triad Breakers award.

Bad Meteors

  • Get Most Meteors Dropped award.

Bad Triads

  • Get Most Incomplete Triads award.

Legends of the Wasteland

10 headshot kills

  • Get 10 headshots in Legends.

25 headshot kills

  • Get 25 headshots in Legends.

50 headshot kills

  • Get 50 headshots in Legends.

100 headshot kills

  • Get 100 headshots in Legends.

It’s Alive!

  • Complete a Legend without using Defibrillators.

It’s Alive! – Nightmare

  • Complete a Legend without using Defibrillators on Nightmare Difficulty.


  • Receive the highest rating on a Legend.

MVP – Nightmare

  • Receive the highest rating on a Legend on Nightmare Difficulty.


  • Earn 10 Defend kills in Legends.


  • Earn 10 Assists in Legends.

Revenge is Sweet

  • Earn 10 Revenge kills in Legends.

Combo Breaker

  • Earn 10 Combo kills in Legends.


  • Earn 10 Covert kills in Legends.

Boom Cubed

  • Blow up 3 enemies with an RC Car.

Treasure Hunter

  • Find all Collectibles in Legends.

Grab and Go

  • Complete “Grab and Go”.

Grab and Go – Nightmare

  • Complete “Grab and Go” on Nightmare Difficulty.

Unwanted Guests

  • Complete “Unwanted Guests”.

Unwanted Guests – Nightmare

  • Complete “Unwanted Guests” on Nightmare Difficulty.

Water Service

  • Complete “Water Service”.

Water Service – Nightmare

  • Complete “Water Service” on Nightmare Difficulty.

Season 1: Pilot

  • Complete “Season 1: Pilot”.

Season 1: Pilot – Nightmare

  • Complete “Season 1: Pilot” on Nightmare Difficulty.


  • Complete “Extermination”.

Extermination – Nightmare

  • Complete “Extermination” on Nightmare Difficulty.

Life in Prison

  • Complete “Life in Prison”.

Life in Prison – Nightmare

  • Complete “Life in Prison” on Nightmare Difficulty.

Rusty’s Resupply

  • Complete “Rusty’s Resupply”.

Rusty’s Resupply – Nightmare

  • Complete “Rusty’s Resupply” on Nightmare Difficulty.

A New Toy

  • Complete “A New Toy”.

A New Toy – Nightmare

  • Complete “A New Toy” on Nightmare Difficulty.

Trophy Hunting

  • Complete “Trophy Hunting”.

Trophy Hunting – Nightmare

  • Complete “Trophy Hunting” on Nightmare Difficulty.

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