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PES 2012 Will Have Full Online Support On 3DS

Pass on the ball, around the globe, on the move! Yeah that’s right. The Nintendo 3DS version of PES 2012 includes online play, Konami has announced. It will allow you to compete online via wireless and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection settings. And not only that you can also share Master League team data with other 3DS owners, using the StreetPass system.

A new, “intelligent” camera view pans and “swoops” to cover the action and “show off the 3D powers of the Nintendo system”.

Alongside the customary circle pad, it also has a new Touch Screen control system, which uses the Nintendo 3DS stylus for player movement.

As expected, the UEFA Champions League license, which appears in the home console version, is included, as is the Copa Libertadores. The Master League, the Become a Legend, League and Cup competitions, Free Training and Edit Mode are all included.

We don’t have game’s official release date yet on 3DS but an official announcement is expected soon.

Via Eurogamer