Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Walkthrough

Not sure if it’s an expansion or a sequel to the Zombie survival action game, Dead Rising 2 but it does add a lot of content which should be sufficient to consume few hours of your lifetime. While Dead Rising 2 had Chuck Green as the main protagonist, Off The Records brings Frank West, the original hero back into the game. Why ? because Capcom Vancouver feels they are comfortable bringing Frank West back to the party, given the creativity control they have over Dead Rising 2: Off The Record.

Anyway, what you should be concerned about is, there are a lot of zombies that you need to fight and survive your way with everything that can be crafted into a weapon. If you have played Dead Rising 2, recall that you need Combo Cards to craft useful weapons. You not only need to save yourself but also the survivors that you will encounter during your journey. You may need Zombrex drug to get rid of the Zombie infection, if things get serious.

The basics remain the same, so what’s changed ? we have the new character, new areas and lot more bad ass Zombies. The most important addition is the Sandbox Mode, a free roaming action adventure extravaganza without any limitations of time. You can play it as much as you want, slay unlimited zombies till you get tired.

It would be cool journey and we will be traveling with you with our Walkthrough. Stay tuned, as we update this Walkthrough, starting with the release of the game.