Ace Combat Assault Horizon Walkthrough

Ace Combat Assault Horizon is the most intense, large-scale air combat game that takes the franchise to the next level with the state of the art modern combat aircraft.

Players will engage in a combat across the globe to fight the elements that affect the national security or to maintain peace across the globe. There is an intense singleplayer campaign as well as intriguing multiplayer online battles that will test your nerves with the fast-paced air combat dog fights.

Events in Ace Combat Assault Horizon take place in the year 2015. When Lieutenant Colonel William Bishop lead the Warwolf Squadron, now part of the NATO-led 108th Task Force, on a mission to stop an anti-government insurgency that is sweeping throughout the African continent. This is a peace mission and all the Nato Forces take part in it.

The team which is supposed to stop the insurgency discovers that the enemy has some type of new super weapon called “Trinity”, and that they are aided by an infamous Russian ace pilot and mercenary, Colonel Andrei “Akula” Markov. The race to secure the super weapon begins and the conflict soon engulfs the rest of the world.

Fighting across the globe can prove to be a daunting task, and this is where we come in. Help you as a good Wing-man with our Walkthrough. We will update this Walkthrough on release day, stay tuned!