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Ubisoft Finally Has A Singer For Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Theme Song

You must have witnessed number of singing competitions, and I’m reporting one as well. After weeks of search, Ubisoft has finally found that one voice that will be singing the theme song for the ultimate installment in Assassin’s Creed series.

Ubisoft organized a singing competition, where 346 singers competed for gaining the contract. They provided an instrumental tune for the contestants to sing along to, providing no guidance or lyrics.

Singers could choose to add their own lyrics (some even singing in Latin or French), or stick with wordless vocals, as most opted for. Alongside the professional opinion of some of the leading music artists, the decision was also based on public vote via UJAM. Madeline Bell turned out to be the worthy winner.

We chose Madeline because we felt that she had a quality in her voice that inspired and moved us all. This was never going to be a contest about right or wrong, but about the ‘perfect fit’ and we were all deeply impressed with the submissions

A worthy winner for sure and if you haven’t listened Madeline’s stunning voice yet then you can check it out here along with the efforts of other competitors.

Source. Kotaku