Rage Secret Rooms and Easter Eggs Guide

Remember Quake and Doom? A few of you might have grown up playing one of these games so it’s pretty hard to not remember the guys who developed these gems. Yes, I am talking about id Software and their rich gaming history and what better way to pay homage to their successful games but by adding references to these games in their new game Rage. We have compiled a list of all the Rage Secret Rooms and Easter Eggs in this guide.

These are pretty difficult Easter Eggs to find so if you are having hard time finding them, read our detailed description of where to look for them and how to get access to these Secret Rooms and Secret Items.

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Rage Secret Rooms and Easter Eggs

Below you will find all the Easter Eggs in the Hidden Secret Rooms of Rage.

Doom Room and Space Marine Bobblehead
After the Gaining Influence Job you can get access to the Gearhead Vault through the Subway Town. You will find several computer terminals in the office area that can be activated.

The office area is down stairs from the bank value area. Before you come here, make sure you have killed the two heavy Gearheads or they will be in your way. Among the computer terminals here, 7 will make the DOOM sound when you activate them. Search these offices and you should find all these computer terminals.

Once you have activated all 7 computer terminals, head back to the start of the level. Jump on the flaming barrel and then onto the boxes next to exit to Subway Town. You will see a prompt to open the door here. Behind this door, you will find the warp to the secret Doom Room where you find the Space Marine Bobblehead.

Quake Room and Shambler Plush
To access the secret Quake Room which can be found in the Wasted Garage, you will need to press three hidden red buttons in the area. First complete the Wasted Garage mission in which you are asked to retrieve a distributor cap item. Once you have completed the said mission, come back to the Wasted Garage.

Now let’s start with the red buttons that you need to press. First is under a nightstand, Second is between a fallen file cabinet and window, and final button is behind a red tool cabinet. How you would know you are pressing the right buttons ? each of these buttons, when pressed, will glow and make a Quake sound.

After you have pressed all three red buttons, a hallway marked by a red Quake symbol will appear that will lead you to some stairs and to a portal which will take you to the hidden Quake Room.

Inside this room, you will find your Shambler Plush lying in the center. Now how to leave this room ? just step on the tile in the area and it will take you back to Wasted Garage.

Wolfenstein 3D Room and Wolf Goblet
There is a sequence in the first mission in Ghost Hideout, Quell the Bandit Threat. Just where you are stabbed in a cut scene and taught how to use the Defibrillator, exit the ‘Killing Room’ and into the hotel room, clear the bandits here and come back to the room toward a painting on the wall.

There is a section of the wall that can be opened between the TV and painting in this room. Open this section of the wall and behind it, you will find Wolfenstein 3D secret room with Wolf Goblet inside. You can sell the Wolf Goblet for $150.

Dev Graffiti Room
Graffiti room is at the Subway Town and you can get access to it when you are on the job at the abandoned distillery. Go the room with several tall stills, search for a ladder that leads down to a recessed area of the floor.

Take the ladder down and follow the path around the base of the still. At the end of this path is a mattress. There is a valve above the mattress, interact with that to open the door to the developer room. Come back up the stairs and look at your right, you will see the door open halfway, crouch and enter the secret Dev Graffiti Room.

Space Marine Bobblehead
For quick cash, you can also collect a Space Marine Bobblehead in Dan Hagar’s Buggy.

Breaking Bad Reference
Go to the Sheriff’s office in Wellspring and after talking to him, turn around and walk back into the holding cell area. Now, look on a shelf opposite to the first cell, you can find the cube that was presented to Hank Schrader with Tuco’s ‘Grill’ in it.

Vault Boy Bobblehead
You can find it in the Wellspring Mayor’s Office.

Crazy Joe’s Doom 3 Shirt
Crazy Joe who lives just northwest of Mutant Bash TV wears Doom 3 TV shirt. You can find his place by a swamp uphill.

Blake Griffin Bobblehead
You will find it on the Mayor Redstone’s desk on the top floor of Subway Town.

The Easter egg of dopefish is located at the Mutant Bash last arena. You will have to shoot 3 lights to pop up an Easter egg. If you shoot it 3 times while it appears from behind the painted waves, you will receive bonus money.

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