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Red Orchestra 2: HoS – All Stats And Achievements Reset To Zero By Tripwire

Since the launch day, many users had a problem saving their stats which were continuously being reset after random intervals. The achievement system also seemed to be broken.

Tripwire being aware of the situation has released patches to fix the problems. Now since most of the major issues have been resolved, they have reset the stats and achievements of every player so that every one can start again on equal grounds. It might infuriate some players out there but that is logically the best thing to do.

As a compensation token, all players will earn double XP for a couple of weeks after the reset so that they can reach their lost ranks quickly. Those who were part of the multiplayer before the reset will also get a special achievement “In B4 Reset”. For others, Tripwire will find a way to reward this achievement later on.

So it’s time to get back to the battlefield and restore your lost ranks.

And if you are facing any issue in running the game then you can refer to our troubleshooting guide.