Rage Weapons Tips/Locations and Items Crafting Guide

Weapons and gear are important if you are to survive your encounters with the ruthless factions of the post-apocalyptic wastelands of Rage. You can craft weapons and gear yourself using your Ark engineering skills. So without any further wait, let’s dive into this Rage Weapons Tips/Locations and Items Crafting guide.

Rage Weapons Tips/Locations and Items Crafting

For Item Crafting, all you need are the right ingredients and Schematics/Recipes to craft these items. We have everything you need to know about items crafting and how you should use these weapons effectively once you have crafted them. Which type of ammo you should use because weapon dynamics in Rage are greatly depended on the type of ammo you use.

This along with locations of these weapons and which quests you need to take to get a specific item or ingredient that would help you craft certain items.

First comes the guide to the weapons of Rage! For more help on Rage, read our Walkthrough, Vehicle Jump Locations, and Playing Cards guide. If you come across any technical issues, our Rage crashes troubleshooting guide is just one click away.


When you start Rage, you will get access to basic weapons like Settler Pistol, Combat Shogun, and Sniper Rifle. What’s important is the choice of ammo that changes the properties of these weapons. If you choose to put standard pistol rounds, you will get basic accuracy and power.

Fatboy rounds give you more damage at the price of half clip. Killbursts rounds increase fire rate but the bullets are smaller and if you choose Fat Mammas (These are ammo rounds), you get maximum damage but you will end up reloading many times.

The choice of ammo just changes the dynamics of weapons in Rage so it is important to keep track of what ammo type you are using or what ammo type you should use in a given situation.

If you choose to play with Shogun, you have the option of standard Buckshot ammo or Pulse Shot – damage plus EMP burst on impact, or you can choose to put Pop Rocket ammo if you want to call the big guns as it will convert your combat shotgun into a mini grenade launcher.

You can expect great deal of damage just by changing the type of ammo in your shotgun. Again, you should really consider the situation you are in and your need before deciding on using the specific type of ammo.

Now, let’s talk about one of the signature weapons in Rage – The Wingsticks. They fire deadly projectiles that quickly down the enemies. What’s badass about them is that they follow their target so even if you miss, the project will bend its way to the target.

They break the walls and go through the hard surfaces to hit their intended target. If they don’t the target, they will come back into your inventory for later use. You can either buy them or craft them yourself – it is recommended that you keep some of them with you at all times, they are really handy at times and perhaps your last resort in tricky situations.

Fists of Rage
Nothing beats your hands in combat. Fists are your default weapons as Human survivor of the Apocalypse. You will get Fists of Rage upgrade in Anarchy edition of the game. This equips your fists with tiny blades, one hit one kill if punched on the head.

Settler Pistol
Dan Hagar will give you Settler Pistol, your first weapon at the start of ‘Quell the Bandit Threat’ quest. You can’t upgrade this weapon but you do have the option to use three types of ammo in it. You should probably go for Monocular Upgrade that you get early in the Hagar settlement – it adds a sniper-like scope to the Pistol.

Ammo Types


  • Makes your pistol stronger than regular. You will get these rounds from Johan Outrigger during the “Find the Buggy Parts” quest.


  • These make your weapon shoot all rounds at once, faster than machine gun.


  • Bigger in size, greater damage, but reduced clip.

Combat Shotgun
You will get it as reward from Rikter Outrigger if you successfully realign the Radio Tower. You can’t upgrade this weapon but can use three types of ammo in it. One upgrade that I will recommend is, one that speeds up your reload time.

It’s really important that you upgrade Combat Shotgun with that upgrade because it really changes the dynamics of this weapon. Combat Shogun should be your weapon of choice against enemies that try to rush-in quickly.

If you keep at least 300 shots in your inventory, it would be enough to complete any mission with Combat Shotgun. Explosive and EMP rounds can be useful, but you will most probably end up using standard ammo for most of the time.

Ammo Types


  • Standard shotgun ammo.

Pulse Shot

  • Damage plus EMP burst on impact.

Pop Rockets

  • Turn your shotgun into a grenade launcher.

Double Barrel Shotgun
It is Anarchy Edition exclusive. You can fire only two shots without having to reload. Good enough to kill normal enemies in a single shot but its clip really lets it down. You may find it useful in early stages of the game but at later stages it may suck for you subjected to skills.

No denying that it’s a powerful weapon, but the two-shot clip and long reload times don’t really make it stand against other more useful weapons. Monocular upgrade is automatically applied once you buy it.

Ammo Types
Similar to combat shotgun.

  • Bucket Shot
  • Pulse Shot
  • Pop Rockets

Settler Assault Rifle
You can buy it from Halek Hagar at the Hagar Settlement. There are two upgrades available to this rifle. You can upgrade it to AR Conventrator to cut spread of shots or AR Stabilizer to improve its handling.

Ranged encounter ? this is your weapon of choice during the first half of the game. Consider the two upgrades available for the weapon to cut its recoil and bullet spread. Ammo clip will max out at 1000 rounds and it’s best to keep that many on hand just in case.

Feltrite Rounds are effective against armored enemies. Unlock the store in Hagar settlement early on and get this weapon.

Ammo Types

  • Steel AR Rounds, Feltrite Rounds.

Sniper Rifle
Dan Hagar will give it to you at the outset of the ‘Destroy the Barricade’ quest. You can upgrade it to auto-Loader to make it semi-auto. This is your final gift before heading out from the Hagar Settlement and into the larger open World.

Take the side quest from the job board in Wellspring while you are at it to get the semiautomatic fire for your Sniper Rifle. Standard bullets are powerful, and these are the best you have for this weapon.

Ammo Types

Rocket Launcher
The most effective weapon against the bad ass mutants who never seem to die. Trust your luck with standard ammo type, or upgrade your ammo. Aiming can be tricky because of the size and technique required to use Rocket Launcher.

First, make sure you have a clear line of sight on your target and try to choose a stationary target over a moving target. Rocket Launcher lacks the required accuracy to hit a moving target but that is compensated by the high damage dealt when it hits the target. Don’t buy Viper Rockets – they do have the lock-on capabilities but are only effective against vehicles.

Authority Machine Gun
You can buy it either from the Outfitter for about $400 or find it in one of the locked rooms in the hospital. It has a fast fire rate and small spread, good overall weapon for attacker.

Authority AV2 rounds are best against armored enemies, you can either find them scattered around on the ground of buy them yourself. There is only one upgrade and that is laser sight, it’s only a cosmetic change.

Ammo Types

Authority MG Rounds

Authorithy AV2x Rounds

  • Armor-piercing bullets.

Authority Pulse Cannon
Probably the final weapon you will receive in Rage. You will get it in the late stages of Rage, which is kinda sad since this weapon is the undoubtedly the most bad ass weapon in the game.

The standard rounds are boosted by Feltrite cores, which makes them incredibly effect against armored opponents. Or you can choose to use BFG rounds, which allow you to charge the Pulse Cannon and fire a concentrated shot that deals huge damage. BFG rounds will only leave ashes, so if you are into loot, use standard rounds.

Striker Crossbow
A crossbow that is silent and deadly. If you like Stealth, this should be your weapon of choice. It’s silenced and deadly one shot one kill weapon. There is a catch though, if you want to maintain your silence, you need to get the headshot.

You get the Striker Crossbow before you head out into the large open World beyond the Hagar settlement. As far as ammo types are concerned, Striker Crossbow offers some interesting alternatives, go for electrically charged bolts and explosive bolts for high damage but if you are sneaky, go for mind control bolts.

Fire them on the target and take control of that target. Now, take that target enemy into a nearby group of enemies and detonate your bolt for maximum damage to nearby enemies. It’s more like a remote-controlled suicide attack.

Ammo Types

Steel-Tipped Bolts

  • Standard fare. One hit one kill for normal enemies when shot at the head.

Electro Bolts

  • These bolts shoot out electricity on enemies. Used to stun enemies or break electric circuits

Mind-Control Bolts

  • Protagonist control’s the enemy movement and then detonate them, causing the enemy to explode

Dynamite Bolts

  • One shot kill for common mutants. Bolts are made from explosives.

These are your secondary weapons. Wingsticks take out enemies silent and easily at the medium to close rang. They are less durable so you will most probably end up crafting many of these because they are useful and easy enough to craft.

Ammo Types

HE/EMP Grenade
You will find it during the ‘Quell the Bandit Threat’ quest. These are your basic grenades – highly explosive. Cook them and throw them and make your enemies go boom. While highly explosive grenades are effect against mutants, EMP grenades are effective against electronics.

RC Bomb Car
This quick use item in Rage is a radio-controlled car that has explosives attached to it. The car is taken through ventilation shafts or behind covers and is later detonated.

The thing you should keep in mind while sending it away is that the farther it goes, the less responsive it becomes and sending it completely out of reach might potentially cause it to detonate. The RC Bomb Car schematic is available from Sheriff Black during the quest “Destroy the Bomb Caches”.

There is an upgraded version to the car as well that has a larger radius. This advanced version of the RC Bomb Car also has a boost which can make the car move more quickly. The Advanced RC Bomb Car schematic is the quest “RC Prototype” reward.

Sentry Bot
This quick use item in Rage is a deployable spider-like bot with a four barreled Minigun. The bot crawls quickly towards the enemy and stabs the enemy with its leg to kill them or at least do major damage to their health. Sentry Bot can also spot the enemy from far behind the wall by its behavior.

There is an advanced version of the Sentry Bot that has the Minigun upgraded with Feltrite ammunition for increased damage, range, and accuracy. The bot has an offensive close combat jump attack which is more effective than the stab of the unupgraded Sentry Bot.

Nail Gun
The name of the weapon is perfect to its description as the Nail Gun fires Nails and Coils as full projectiles. The fire rate of the Nails is very high but the accuracy and damage are not so up to the mark. There are a Rebar type and Rail slug type of the weapon but it does not have any upgrades

Ark Item Crafting

Rage is set in a post-apocalyptic world, full of junk yards and scrap. It is only natural that you use that to craft useful weapons, items and supplies. You will need your Ark Engineering skills and some playing cards to do that.

The trick is to pick up all the flashing objects in the game, since they most probably will be useful in crafting one item or other. To craft these items, weapons, and supplies, you will need to know how to create them. You will know that with the help you Schematics and Recipes that you will find throughout the Wastelands of Rage.

You will need to craft these items to survive longer in the cruel apocalyptic world that is full of danger and uncertainty. You can craft items like bandages that regenerate your health.

If your condition is serious, your Ark suit can help you get out of it. Each Ark suit comes with built-in defibrillator that allows you to restart your stopped heart. To restart your stopped heart, you will have to play a mini-game, that requires you to align your thumb sticks to the positions on screen and hit the corresponding buttons.

The more accurate your are, the more health you will have when you have been revived. Defibrillator will also give off a short-range of electrical burst that kills all nearby enemies. Once you have used your Ark suit, it will take some time to recharge so you can’t abuse reviving in the combat.

Crafting Materials

You can combine these items using Schematics and Recipes to craft weapons, items and supplies in Rage.

Crafting Ingredients

  • Antiseptic Formula
  • Cloth Rags
  • Comet Bloom
  • Desert Spore
  • Electrical Wire Kit
  • Explosive Pack
  • Feltrite Coupler
  • Feltrite Power Pack
  • Ghost Toxin
  • Hardware Packet
  • Mutant Adrenal Gland
  • Nanotrite Conduit
  • Night Blossom
  • Ordnance Pack
  • RC Car Kit
  • Small Battery Pack
  • Small Gears
  • Steel Blades
  • Turret Barrel
  • Vial of Blueshine

We will update this Rage Weapons Tips/Locations and Items Crafting guide with how you can get these engineering ingredients. Meanwhile, if you have something to contribute, comment away!

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