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Ghost Recon Online Will Retain The Old School Hardcore Feel

Ubisoft Singapore has just released a new developer diary of Ghost Recon Online where the leading developers talk about the focus of the development and how they don’t want the game to be perceived to have free-to-play online feeling. They talk about how they intend to blend the old-school hardcore PC game feel while still keep the accessible multiplayer to attract more casual players.

This strategy has been criticized to date by the hardcore gamer and the games which followed this strategy were loosely called ‘dumbed down’ but the developer feels that they can make Ghost Recon Online a game that you would want to come back to.

Watch the video in which Tom Clancy and all the leading developers of the Ghost Recon Online explain the focus of their development while sharing a bit about multiplayer aspects of the game. If you get convinced, sign up for the beta.

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