Devs Verdict – Who Is Going To Win When Jedi Knight Takes On The Bounty Hunter In SWTOR?

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, you can either select Galactic Republic or be the part of Sith Empire. What will happen when Republic’s Jedi Knight goes against the Bounty hunter of the Empire? Developers at BioWare have their own thoughts about the dual. Watch the video to see the arguments supporting their verdict:

Some useful tips in there. One thing is for sure, if you are playing as a Jedi Knight then you should stay close to your target for maximum damage while Bounty hunters should keep a safe distance. So a Bounty Hunter can take on a Jedi Knight on equal grounds and even win. That was their thoughts, your opinion about the dual is more important. Can these two classes from the opposite factions are an equal match or someone has the upper hand?

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