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Blizzard Vet – Cross Platform Integration is The Next Big Thing

With the convergence of platform, the boundaries established by devices seem to be dissolved. Blizzard veteran and founder of Superplay Paul Della Bitta believes that cross-platform is the next big thing in gaming industry.

Some day, you’re going to be able to play iPad games on your TV. The cloud space will be the consolidating element that will let the game be the same everywhere – you won’t have to worry about where you play it. The idea of an integrated platform…. I think it would be amazing for developers and players. If I can play a game on my PC and take it with me on a mobile device, I think that would be great.

I should note that we enjoyed having that aspect of having your information everywhere; if you create a Cosmonauts account on our platform, if you are on [an] Android [phone], or upgraded to a new phone, you can log in and it will pull all of your information, so all your progress and information is saved he added. We’ll have all of your information and it will be as integrated on your iPad or your Droid. We have that functionality and we think it is important.

Won’t it be cool to have the freedom to play the same game on different gaming hardware you own? It would be but the effects of cross-platform gaming on industry can be drastic. You can read the complete interview here.

Source. Industry Gamers