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Microsoft To Launch Universal Gaming Portal

Microsoft is clearly thinking to expand its operations in gaming vertical and they would be right to do so after emerging as a strong competitor in the video games business. Electronic Theatre reports that Microsoft is expected to launch a universal gaming portal by 2012 to leverage its products. This portal will rival

Its vision is to merge the established online video games platform Xbox Live into all the Microsoft’s devices and software – including Windows Phone 7 and forthcoming Windows 8. This would confirm our earlier report that Microsoft may charge a subscription fee to play Xbox 360 games on PC, come Windows 8.

This suggestion is also strengthened by the capabilities of Universal Gaming Portal. The core being, it will allow Microsoft to deliver video games across all formats.

Microsoft have been cautiously testing this technology for years now – most recent experiment being cross-platform integration between Xbox Live and Windows Phone 7 devices.

Another advantage of the Universal Gaming Portal will be that it will allow Microsoft to launch Xbox 360 games across all format, allowing players to buy the game once and continue playing on any compatible device they have.

It looks imminent that Microsoft will soon launch a gaming streaming service – allowing Xbox 360 games to be played on console, smartphone, Tablet or PC. If Microsoft successfully pulls that off, it will change the game in video games industry. If you think different, voice your opinion in the comments below!