Yakuza: Dead Souls Is A Zombie Showdown

What would you expect from a Yakuza game? A story rich action experience with descent animations and graphics. SEGA has decided to make a leap towards the zombie world and announced that the game once named as “Yakuza of the End” will hit West in March as “Yakuza: Dead Souls”. Dead Souls actually is a mini game that will come along the original Japanese version and all the DLCs.

Why it has to be Dead Souls? Zombies are the reason. The game features the same characters and location but the opponents are no longer humans rather undead will be crawling through the streets of Kamurocho district. You can’t take down zombies just by bare hands so for the first time in the series, rather than close fist fights, guns will be in action. According to Gary Knight, senior VP of marketing at SEGA:

We know how much people love Yakuza in the West, and with Dead Souls being the latest and greatest in the franchise, it is only right we bring it to them closer to the Japanese release than ever

If Zombies from Dead Island, Left4Dead or Call of Duty were not enough for you then Dead Souls should be next in your list.