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L.A Noire Developer Team Bondi Going Down

After parting ways with Rockstar, Team Bondi was in all sorts of trouble. Now according to documents filed with the Australian Securities And Investments Commission Mismanagement, Team Bondi is to be shut down due to it’s outstanding debts

It’s a shocking news of course considering the fact that L.A Noire was a great hit. What could be the reason of this strange downfall? Mismanagement is believed to be the root cause of the whole issue. Team Bondi’s head Brendan McNamara was accused of imposing excessive unpaid overtime by the staff. Back in June, it was reported that over 100 developers’ names were not included in final credits screen. Rockstar too apparently washed its hands off the studio due to McNamara’s leadership approach.

If you are concerned about the future of L.A Noire then there is nothing to worry about as Take-Two Interactive (Rockstar’s parent company) still holds the IP and we can expect a successor or two of this unique crime based experience.But still, the developers of amazing Motion Scan technology, facing such an end is a disappointment for the whole gaming industry.