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Isaac Suffers From Split Personality In Dead Space 3

We know Dead Space 3 is set on Frozen Planet but we didn’t till today that why the hell it is so. Be warned, what follows may contain Dead Space 2 spoilers and possible Dead Space 3 story spoilers so if it doesn’t go well with you, stop reading.

Isaac is assigned a mission to save a woman on the Ice Planet, Tau Volantis – Not fit for life. While he is on the mission to save the lady, he has an arrest warrant out for him from EarthGov, making the environment tense. Joining Isaac is Ellie, you will remember her for saving your arse during Dead Space 2’s conclusion.

We know Isaac is mentally messed up due to Paranormal Marker since the first game and his condition has become worse in Dead Space 3. He is suffering from Split Personality disorder. His alter-ego ‘Shadow Isaac’ is reported to consistently taunt, and question his decision during the course of the game.

Add to that everything Dead Space stands for – blood, gore, aliens and bloody zombies and we have the recipe for Dead Space 3. Though, nothing has been confirmed, but if things stay as they have been reported by Siliconera, we definitely have an interesting scenario in our hands.